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The Media Heartthrob, Robert Francis O’Rourke, Offers a Solution by The Elephant's Child

Candidate for the U.S. Senate, Congressman (D-TX) ‘Beto’ (Robert Francis) O’Rourke, helpfully suggested that America needed to send financial aid to stabilize Central America to decrease asylum-seeking immigrants.

O’Rourke said, “If things are so desperate in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, that someone would risk their lives to come here than what can we do to improve situations there? We have invested trillions of dollars for wars in the Middle East. Could we invest some fraction of that to provide the stability in Northern triangle counties of Central America make sure people have a reason to stay and raise their families where they were born?”

Well, there you go. That ought to solve everything.

ADDENDUM:  We have a lot of readers who are not Americans, who may be confused by some of this. Robert Francis O’Rourke decided to be called “Beto” to make himself seem a bit more Hispanic, for Texas. To the Media he looks like one of the Kennedys, and they are enchanted. President Trump has threatened Honduras and Guatemala with losing their American aid, if they don’t stop this migrant caravan. So “Beto” has a little catching-up to do.

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It’s actually a little more complex than trying to seem Hispanic– but I’m not sure it makes sense if you aren’t around way too many entitled Mexicans.

He was given the nickname when he was a little Irish kid, preschool age; keeping it indicates his attitude towards Mexican culture. (Which is…well, I like 90% of the folks I’ve met in El Paso, but we’re looking to move to avoid the other 10%.)

It’s like how Bobby Jindal uses his nickname, with the rather notable difference that his nickname helps him relate to folks in the US easier, while Beto’s helps him relate to Mexicans and folks who visit Grandma over the border all the time.


Comment by Foxfier

He’s a Democrat, but he’s not an especially bad democrat– and he’s got a good idea, there, just the wrong method.

We DO need to look into helping folks where they live, rather than here; pouring money on it won’t work. Buying a bunch of guns and ammo and training the farmers so they can protect their crops might, but of course no politician can suggest that.


Comment by Foxfier

The problem is that he doesn’t seem aware that we are already and have been helping Hondurans and Guatemalans where they live. They have very corrupt governments more aligned with Maduro and Castro. From what I can tell, Beto seems to be a bit of a lightweight. The “Beto” nickname may or may not have come from childhood (I doubt it) but did not appear in public until after he got into politics. He comes across as likeable and friendly, which is a little harder for Ted Cruz, who is more brilliant than extremely personable.
It’s hard to know how to help those suffering from bad government. Exploring for oil, onshore or offshore? Does the northern triangle have any natural resources? Encourage manufacturers to build there? If a government needs to be overthrown, their own people must do it. In the meantime, see Jessica Vaughn’s piece in the WSJ or at on our needed immigration reforms.
manufacturers to build facilities there?


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Forgot to say– I’m not one to comment on how they are “personable” wise, because Cruz is clearly one of my people.

If he started quoting The Prince Bride, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

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Comment by Foxfier

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