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America isn’t quite the melting pot it’s made out to be. I’m not talking in terms of intentions or goals, but on the ground.
We moved to central Pennsylvania quite a few years ago. It is not a melting pot. The local people were on their face amiable, but very hard to get to know. We eventually heard from friends that locally you weren’t really part of the community until your grand kids had children.
It’s also a region of many sects- Amish, Mennonite, German- Pennsylvania dutch is a german dialect from the 1700’s. There are many churches, outside the mainline protestant churches, that are sects with bits of heritage and beliefs drawn from the Amish. In fact I’d guess about half the churches are their own sect.
Since it’s been this way for literally centuries I’d have to say it’s a melting pot where the butter is just starting to get soft.

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Comment by logicalchemist

You’ve probably tried the usual. Invitations to dinner, volunteering for a civic organization, ask someone to teach you how to make scrapple, and in exchange teach them how to make sourdough pancakes. I don’t know if the Amish do sourdough. (I can supply the necessary recipe) . Just don’t give up!

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Comment by The Elephant's Child

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