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Democrats Have Gone Far Round the Bend and They are Becoming Laughable. by The Elephant's Child
October 28, 2018, 9:57 pm
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Kevin Williamson hits a home run again today with his column at National Review titled “Rage Makes You Stupid.” “People have the strongest feelings about the things they know the least about.” That covers the indignant celebrities who sound off from Hollywood whenever there is an event in the news.  Do they assume that it is career-enhancing to provide an example of Williamson’s headline?

An editor at New York magazine has just published a book celebrating “the revolutionary power” of anger. September 21, the Washington Post insisted that “rage is healthy, rational, and necessary for America.” NBC News praised a television show on Friday for depicting “anger as righteous and necessary.” Earlier it had run a segment encouraging certain political partisans to “embrace their rage.”  Do read the whole thing.

At American Greatness  Chris Buskirk asks “Why are Fake Bombs Sent to Democrats More Shocking Than Real Ricin Packages sent to Republicans?” Did  You even know that the deadly poison ricin (contact with the skin can be deadly) — was sent to President Trump, Republican Senator Ted Cruz, Defense Secretary James Mattis and Admiral John Richardson, the Chief of Naval Operations? Of course that was way back on October 2.

Again at American Greatness, Adam Ellwanger, in “The Rhetorical Art of Blame- Laying” listed a few of the things that are absolutely not responsible for creating a “climate of political violence” in the United States:

You should be aware of what they are doing, but don’t join in their hate-fest. Make fun of them instead. It’s pretty pathetic, and they really hate being laughed at.

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One might also ask why real rifle bullets that nearly killed someone, aimed by a Bernie Sanders supporter, are less important than real comments made by real Democrat/Leftists to incite violence. Maxine Water and Eric Holder or the most obvious cases, but hundreds more commments/tweet/posts were much more explosive.

I don’t hold any truk for similar, dangerous comments made by Conservative/Right Wingers. Violence in any form as “political” comment is unacceptable.


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