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Caravan , March, Bands of Migrants, Invaders, Whatever by The Elephant's Child

Democrats are trying to romanticize the massive marches of Central Americans heading for our Southern Border, with the appellate “Caravans,” which does have a romantic sound. If Trump is going to declare war on these bands of migrants, then the Democrats are going to be for them. They had a great success with the “ripped from their mothers’ arms meme” when enough attention was called to the fact that existing law requires that children may not be detained with the parents who are detained. The fact that the children were well cared for and entertained was brushed aside with the “ripped” phrase. The Democrats work very hard to get just the right messaging out there. Republicans are not all that good at messaging, just at doing the right thing most of the time.

There’s much about the current bands of migrants that is as yet unknown. The Honduran official supposedly behind it is known, but there’s lots of help turning up to feed and shelter them, and help them on their way. The Left is still trying to emphasize the women and children part, and there are some, but the vast majority seem to be young men of working age, and what they want is paying jobs so they can send money home, and the benefits that go along with being “refugees.” Refugee status carries special privileges, and there are plenty of immigration attorneys to tell them the correct claims to make and words to say.

The first group which some are estimating well over 1,000 has broken through Mexico’s border. The Mexican government has offered asylum, and work, and some 1800 or so accepted, but the vast majority headed on. Someone is supplying trucks for transport. A second group has formed and has broken through the Mexican border fences, with a shooting, one migrant killed, and some violence. The second group comes from El Salvador, home of MS-13, the gang that is terrorizing some American cities.

There are many in the first large group who have been previously deported for a crime. Some of the marchers say that there are a lot of criminals among them. There are supposed to be a number of Bangladeshis among them as well, which is a home for ISIS. Now there is a third caravan forming out of Guatemala with several hundred migrants who hope to catch up to the big group. Certainly all take courage from their sheer numbers. Some local residents offer food or water. We’ve been told that they just invade local grocery stores and help themselves.

A Guatemalan government official told Judicial Watch that the caravan is a movement of radicalized forces to destabilize Central American countries. “It is very strategic and extremely organized. It is very complex, not a simple march. There is nothing spontaneous about it.”

Today, we are a living parody.  A massive parade of foreign nationals is marching toward our border, its members openly proclaiming that they intend to illegally enter our country.  They have already stormed and breached the southern border of Mexico in a glaring preview of their defiance of law, so they are clearly to be believed.

And where is the American political left?  Are leftists decrying the violation of our national sovereignty?  Are they demanding that our government protect its citizens from encroachment?  Of course not.  They are the parody.  They of the left are seeking ways in which to prevent the administration from doing any of that.

This is President Trump’s PATCO moment.  Remember that?  Soon after President Ronald Reagan took office, in 1981, members of the unionized left organized a strike of the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization.  They were adamant that their demands be met, or else PATCO would shut down all air traffic in the United States.  Reagan gave the union members 48 hours in which to return to work or be irrevocably fired.  You can’t do that, the striking controllers jeered.  Twenty-four hours later, they were all fired, and not one of those who continued the illegal strike has been rehired.  Shortly afterward, PATCO ceased to exist.

Victor Davis Hanson’s home is in an area of California that is home to large numbers of Mexican immigrants, legal and illegal, and his book Mexifornia is a valuable guide to understanding. Writing in the Washington Times, he said:

Or, as 17th-century British statesman George Savile famously put it: “Men are not hanged for stealing horses, but that horses may not be stolen.”

In the modern world, we call such prompt, uniform and guaranteed law enforcement “deterrence,” from the Latin verb meaning “to frighten away.” One protester who disrupts a speech is not the problem. But if unpunished, he green-lights hundreds more like him.

Worse still, when one law is left unenforced, then all sorts of other laws are weakened.

The result of hundreds of “sanctuary cities” is not just to forbid full immigration enforcement in particular jurisdictions. They also signal that U.S. immigration law, and by extension other laws, can be ignored.

So now we have three marches, one each from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. All seem to believe that by the sheer force of numbers, they can force their way into the United States and between our offerings of employment and free benefits get their way. You will have to admit that the timing with the election in just days is more than a bit suspicious. Before you start claiming that “we are a nation of immigrants” and should thus let them all in, please understand that worldwide there are approximately 4,060,046 people registered on the waiting list for visas to come to America legally. The list includes all countries with at least 50,000 persons on the waiting list. There is a seven percent per-country limit which issuance of visas to one single country may not exceed. For fiscal year 2018 the per-country limit will be 25,620. (Do click on the link. It’s 3 short paragraphs but explains the complications which are many.)

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