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Why Do Democrats Pretend Voter Fraud Doesn’t Exist? by The Elephant's Child

Investors Business Daily asks an interesting question: “Why do Democrats Pretend Voter Fraud Doesn’t Exist?” People count on the system working properly.  That means only those eligible to vote will actually do so. Unfortunately that is not always the case.

In August, the Justice Department announced the prosecution of 19 foreign nationals for illegally voting in North Carolina. Some of them voted in multiple elections.

97 Cases In Texas This Year

Texas State Attorney General Ken Paxton decided to crack down on voter fraud before the midterm elections. So far, he’s prosecuted 33 people for 97 counts of voter fraud this year alone. Among the discoveries was a voter fraud ring that had received financial support from the former head of the Texas Democratic Party.

Pennsylvania let thousands of non-citizens register to vote, many of whom have since voted, according to reporter John Fund, who has been following this issue for years.

The Heritage Foundation has a database that now includes 1,165 cases of election fraud across 47 states. More than 1,000 of them resulted in criminal convictions.

Democrats and mainstream Journalists continually insist that “there is essentially no voter fraud in this country.” That was from the New York Times Glen Thrush. It’s not hard to commit vote fraud, and you don’t need a lot of it. Each fraudulent vote means one real vote does not count. It’s not hard to minimize it.

Clean up the voter registration rolls, eliminating the dead people and those no longer in the district. Voter ID. You have to show ID to cash a check, have a bank account, get a drivers’ license, travel on a plane. It has been claimed that voter ID laws suppress the vote of minorities and the poor, but there is no evidence of that whatsoever. Eleven states that adopted strict voter ID laws, nine had increased turnout in 2016m or had turnout higher than the national average.

California is registering everyone to vote who gets a driver’s license, whether they are eligible to vote or not. Washington DC is considering allowing 16 year olds to vote. Democrats have also been known to get college students registered at their college as well as at home. They have also been known to sign up numbers of illegal aliens.  That would seem to be the answer to the question of “Why do Democrats pretend vote fraud doesn’t exist?”

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