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Found In An Old Stack of Papers by The Elephant's Child

Going through a stack of papers, and I found this brief summary of the Obama presidency, dated May 20, 2009:

“A well-put summary of Obama’s presidency from Heritage:”

By cloaking his domestic agenda in terms of economic recovery, President Obama and his team of liberals have been able to pass the largest spending bill in history, repeal welfare reform, set us on the course to socialized healthcare, advance a very costly energy policy, impose high costs on productive people and enact unprecedented expansions of governmental power. Furthermore, by cutting the defense budget and ordering the closing of the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, the President demonstrates his complacency toward national security and undermines our ability to respond to future attacks.

All in just two sentences!


Election Results Continue to Trickle In. by The Elephant's Child


Digesting the election results. Some excellent results, some really dreadful. Here in Washington State, we apparently defeated the “green” carbon tax proposal which was an attempt to start a nationwide bid for a national carbon tax. Our governor tried to get it through the legislature and failed, but I guess nationally they thought this was a “green” state where it would be an easy pass.

We failed to get rid of Senator Maria Cantwell, which was a disappointment. We have two useless senators, both Democrats, and since the Democrats go by seniority, Patty Murray is now in the leadership, which explains a lot. The coastal belt, like in Oregon and California is heavily Blue, and the rest of the more rural part of the state decisively Republican.

You probably saw the press conference at the White House where Cnn’s Jim Acosta tried to take on the President of the United States, and lost his press credentials. Rude, wouldn’t surrender the microphone, struck a White House intern who tried to take the microphone away, and when it was removed kept right on talking and preventing other reporters from their turns. Good riddance. American journalism depends on freedom of the press, but when they present the facts on the ground with their own partisan slant, it deprives the people of the facts they need to understand what is going on.

Anastasia Ocasia Cortez won her election and will serve in the House, which is unfortunate as she doesn’t seem to know anything at all. “Beto” (Robert Francis) O’Rourke lost to Ted Cruz quite properly. Hollywood is dismayed as they fell in love with “Beto” as they liked his looks, and are anxious to see him run for the Presidency. (Which should tell you a lot about Hollywood).

Perhaps you noticed that when the media reported the Senate results, they said Republicans “clung” to the Senate, as if that was just a case of desperate luck.  Lots of races still undecided. Fox News committed a dirty trick, in declaring the Democrats as having won the House before people on the West Coast had even voted.

This election did expose a wide gap in understanding of the Constitution and the reasons its provisions have proved to stand the test of time. Democrats do not understand the basic structure of the government. The House represents the population, the people of the states. The Senate represents the States. Each state gets two Senators, without reference to population numbers. The least populous State gets the same vote as the most populous.

Democrats just discovered that when Hillary won the popular vote and lost the election because of the structure of the electoral college which is designed to prevent the populous states from bullying the little states with it’s population size. Which is a very good thing. The most populous states are badly run, and everyone is fleeing to locales with lower taxes, lower crime, lower debt and fewer sanctuary cities.

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