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Wildfire? Homes Burned, People Killed? Must be Global Warming. by The Elephant's Child

California  Governor Jerry Brown has said that “hundreds of billions” of dollars could be needed to adapt to man-made global warming in “the span of a few years” The Democrat added that “And it’s not millions, it’s billions and tens and probably hundreds of billions even in the span of a few years. We’ve got lots of work to do.”

California does have a “Climate Adaption Strategy” that is supposed to reduce the vulnerability of populations to the effects of future global warming like higher sea levels, more intense storms and more crop failures.

President Donald Trump said he’d pull federal funding if California did not “remedy” its wildfire problems, which Trump blamed for poor forest management practices for large wildfires.

Brown did mention that better forest management was necessary to getting fires under control, but then went on to say “those who deny” man-made global warming were “definitely contributing” to the deadly wildfires.

“Unfortunately, the best science is telling us that the dryness, warmth drought — all those thing, they’re going to intensify,” Brown said. “Predictions by some science are, we’ve already gone up by one degree. I think we can expect half a degree, which is catastrophic, over the next 10 to 12 years. We have a real challenge here threatening our whole way of life, so we got to pull together.”

Lefty billionaire Tom Steyer said the President Trump’s skepticism on climate change is grounds for impeachment during an appearance on CNN this weekend.

The fires in California have been horrific, with way too much loss of life and homes destroyed. Photographs of the fires from space really demonstrated how huge the fires were.

A long time resident of, I believe, the Carr Fire area in Redding, wrote that his community used to take down timber too close to the town, and tried to eliminate brush that came too close to areas where there were homes and buildings. However environmentalists demanded  that residents apply for permission to cut down trees, and demanded that the woods and brush be preserved to protect the wildlife. He didn’t include the name of the town in his post, but that sounds very probable to me.

It seems unbelievable that the governor of a state where forest fire can be a major problem, and a billionaire out advocating  around the country for the impeachment of the president cannot make the effort to study up a little on the science, before they shoot off their mouths.

Hurricanes and tornadoes are not caused by global warming. The Earth has been warming and cooling for millions of years. The slight rise in the amount of carbon dioxide (CO²) in the atmosphere has been a great benefit to mankind, as it is a natural fertilizer for plants. It makes food crops in the world grow a little better and feed more hungry people. CO² is what we exhale each time we breathe in air, use the oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide. Plants and trees use the carbon dioxide for fertilizer and release oxygen. You are supposed to have learned about photosynthesis in high school. Greenhouses pump extra CO² into their greenhouses because they are in the business of growing big healthy plants. They may have as much as 1,000 ppm in the greenhouses. No sign of dead nurserymen.

Recent studies have noted that throughout the Pacific, the ocean is not rising around islands and atolls. Many of the climate thermometer stations have been badly located next to air-conditioning outlets or reflective concrete walls, on airport pavements and consequently their recorded temperatures are way too high. Many of the climate estimates come from computer programs that started with the kind of program that estimated stock market movement. They put in what agreed upon facts they knew, a lot of things they hoped were correct, and a lot of guesswork for all the things we don’t understand – like the action of clouds.

There seem to be a lot of true believers out there, who don’t read any science but simply accept as holy writ whatever is said by climate alarmists, without checking contrary opinion at all. I keep mentioning that Christiana Figueres, General Secretary of the IPCC, let the cat out of the bag a few years back when she admitted that the goal of climate alarmism was to eliminate Capitalism. Others have confirmed that.

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Spot the crackpot. Clue – it’s not President Trump.


Comment by oldbrew

Most of what Donald Trump says is substantially correct, but the New York real estate developer part of his mouth sometimes garbles the message. Forest management is today’s controversy.

It’s been true for at least 20 years that forest management in California has been a train wreck. Too many environmental radicals have filed lawsuits to prevent ANYONE from thinning out the enormous fuel load in forests statewide, and aggressive wildfire control has prevented what used to be normal, small, manageable burns that USED TO burn away the undergrowth. Combined, they are a recipe for forest disasters. Add in environmentalist lawsuits demanding even LESS tree trimming around PG&E power lines, and you’re just begging for disasters. So Trump is basically correct in blaming California for the crisis here. Science fiction writer Jerry Pournelle (also; science advisor to Gov. Regan and Speaker Newt Gingrich, and former Rocketdyne systems engineer) often wrote about the abysmal forest management practices around his home in Southern California. This problem isn’t new; it has been a long time building.

Of course, the fact that California hasn’t built a single new reservoir in 40 years has contributed to the problem. If the state had built a few dams and reservoirs somewhere in the Feather River watershed, then those reservoirs could have been used to provide irrigation water to the forests during our recent droughts. So, a constellation of terrible government decisions starting decades ago.

I don’t know how we recover from this level of idiocy. Thinning out dead and dying trees would help, but since the radical environmentalist movement has managed to shutter all the lumber mills, I’m not sure what we’d do with the wood. I suppose we should start jailing every “environmental activist” who blocks a logging project, and sentencing them to work on the fire lines. But Gavin Newsom is likely to double down on the idiocy, so I don’t suppose that California is going to be all that pleasant to live in for the next few years.

So the bottom line is, I think, that Trump being Trump, he’s saying the right things in unpleasant ways.

There’s an old fable about a farmer who sells a mule to another farmer. The seller says “He’s a great mule and a hard worker if you treat him nicely. But sometimes you need to get his attention.” The purchaser takes the mule and stables him in a plush stable, with nice bedding and plenty of the finest oats. But the next day, when the farmer harnesses up the mule, the mule just stands there and refuses to pull the plow a single foot. The buyer calls the selller and says “This mule is plumb lazy!” The seller says “I’ll be right over”. He walks into the field with a length of 2×4, draws back, and smacks the mule over the head. The mule starts pulling right along. The seller says “I told you, you have to get his attetion first.”

I think that Trump’s threat to cut off federal funding is his way of getting California’s attention, since nothing has worked so far.


Comment by Ken Mitchell

Went to Anthony Watts website last night to see how he was doing (He lives in Chico) he’s fine, but evacuating, but the comments clarified what’s been going on, Lots of environmental regulations prevented cutting down trees and clearing brush, Beautiful photograph of early hours of fire with birds fleeing, and picture of the aftermath with melted car, and a flag still bravely flying. Cato rated the country’s governors recently on their fiscal management of their state. My WA gov came in dead worst with an F, followed immediately by the Oregon governor also with an F. Jerry Brown did slightly better with a D- .Global Warming has become the all-purpose excuse.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Those environmental practices are identical to those in Victoria prior to the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009.
Despite warnings the slow burning of undergrowth was stopped, the clearing of roadsides and overhanging trees was prevented with the result of whole towns being lost and 174 people killed.
When you have potheads running government this is a natural consequence.


Comment by Ve2

My experience of fighting fires is minimal but the footage of these Californian fires leaves me asking questions. Do individual households and local governments have a fire strategy?
Here in the Blue Mtns (Sydney region) we routinely burn small copses of bush in winter and many individuals like myself have fire tanks, electric and petrol powered pumps, a back-up generator, roof sprinklers, fire extinguishers, sand buckets and garden taps with canvas lay-flat hoses with Storz couplings, the same as those used by the fire brigades. Around Bilpin we have never lost a house to bush-fire and we advise residents to stay home rather than evacuate.
Coming into summer, I blasted leaves out of my roof gutters with high pressure water and watered the lawns that encircle my house from my grey-water trench.
These Californian fires seem on a whole different order of magnitude to those we get here. Where-as we usually see piles of rubble after a fire has burned through a settlement, entire Californian suburbs appear to have been reduced to nothing. How is it that the US fire brigades were so unable to halt the spread of fire from one house to the next? Without being there on the fire-ground it’s hard for me to assess. Perhaps someone from there could comment.


Comment by John PAK

We have a vast problem with “environmentalists”. They are understood as the people who CARE about the environment, and the rest of us are “deniers”, which means that we are know-nothings. People from there say green regulations kept them from cutting down trees as you had to get a permit. Couldn’t remove brush or dry grass, Go to Anthony Watts website. He lived in Chico, and evacuated. But scroll down a few days, read the comments from people who know what they are talking about. Good website.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

” Do individual households and local governments have a fire strategy?”

Some (few) do, but many of them were overwhelmed by the speed and intensity of the fire. But I read an article about one guy who had cleared “defensible space” around his home, and had a large pool for water and a pump. He saved his house, but I guess it was a close call.

The problem is, the folks who like to feel as if they “live in the wilderness” _HATE_ clearing defensible space around their houses. Because they’d have to cut it ALL down.


Comment by Ken Mitchell

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