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Free Market Capitalism Has Made Us the Most Prosperous Nation on Earth. by The Elephant's Child

“The one identity we’re not encouraged to trumpet is the one that enables us to trumpet all the others, our identity as citizens of a very particular kind of society, built on the rule of law, property rights, freedom of expression, and the universal franchise.” …………………………………………………………………                     …..Mark Steyn

“So the key to our unity is a shared commitment to republican ideas of liberty and justice; one nation, with a strong religious heritage, that learned through great sorrow the price of division. The sanctioning of our oath under God is not merely an assertion of religious belief, but an appeal for divine blessing of this strange and mysterious ‘new order of the ages.’ In small symbolic and easily caricatured ways—our national anthem, our coinage, civic prayers and the Pledge—our nation struggles to remind our citizens that there are more spiritual ties that bind us than natural affinities that divide us.”” ………………………………..
Victor Davis Hanson

So why do we have such a hard time selling free-market capitalism to other countries? Back in 2004 or so, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, the former French President, was writing a constitution for the European Union. He had a look at the U.S Constitution, but couldn’t accept the idea of all those freedoms for the people, and wrote something else instead. We can’t seem to sell free market capitalism, for that matter, to the Democrats.

The Democrats proclaim themselves to be proud American citizens, but they keep wanting to change the Constitution that gives us all these protections. They not only don’t like the pledge, support the athletes that see the national anthem as a time to protest something or other, but they want to do away with the Electoral College, they hated the Citizens United ruling (freedom of speech for corporations) and want it banished.  They want to do away with the Second Amendment and are screwing around with the First Amendment with all their blather about “hate speech” and all the things you cannot say in public without being attacked, while the general conversation out there grows ever more vile and blasphemous.

What they hate about Capitalism is Big Business, which they regard as evil, although the big tech companies are excused from the “big business” thing, because they are turning out to be Democrats and a source of large donations. CEOs of large corporations receive big salaries and benefits, which are resented by Democrats and especially professors (we have PhDs, how come they make more money?) who have no recognition of what a corporate CEO has to do to get that position.

We don’t have to wait for the bureaucrats in Washington to tell us what is happening to the economy, because we can rely on the ordinary buying and selling of goods and services that is taking place. We can watch the mad rush and fights on Black Friday to tell us that the retail industry is having a very good day. and reporters tell us that it is significantly better than last year.

It is quite interesting that at this particular time, China is going in the opposite direction with ever more control over their own citizens. Their people are monitored all the time, and when they are good citizens, obeying traffic lights, donating blood or volunteering, they are offered more opportunities to take a trip or enjoy a freedom. If they do not behave well, then privileges like using public transportation, or other amenities, are taken away. Democrats here might do well to pay attention to how it works, but they would likely consider it as a good way to control the rest of us, instead of understanding what that kind of control would mean to our freedoms.

Freedom. as they say, isn’t free. We have to keep defending it, each one of us. Well-meaning people want to ban guns, without any grasp of the simple fact that gun bans don’t work. The highest rates of killings and shootings in America occur in the cities with the strictest gun laws. People rail against the police, and want to ban ICE (the border police) largely because the Democrats made a big deal of “ripped from their mother’s arms” in spite of the law that requires children to be kept safe and free while law-breaking parents are detained. You cannot lawfully put little kids in prison. People who live in dangerous neighborhoods usually want more policing, not less. So study up. Become an informed voter. Across the country there are people who won election who are dedicated to removing some of your freedom. There are ballot issues that should have never seen the light of day.

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