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The United States Was the Sole ‘No’ Vote! by The Elephant's Child


“The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration” was approved when representatives from 180 UN member states met in Morocco, a Muslim- majority country in North Africa on December 10, just a week ago.

The United States was not a participant. President Donald Trump wisely pulled the United States out of this “global compact.” It is also likely the reason behind Gallup’s “international survey” that determined that approximately 750 million people around the world would like to migrate. So theoretically, all the nations who are suffering from the intrusion of unwanted migrants, the costs involved, which are enormous, and the crime, terrorism and mayhem committed by the migrants are just fine with vastly increased migrants, and with new laws that make it illegal to criticize migrants and migration.

Brilliant. Pass a remarkably stupid law with a majority of the 180 UN members who are under no threat of unwanted migrants, ignore the needs of the countries that will be deeply affected — then make a law that forbids objecting or criticizing. Think about that one. Makes one appreciate our guarantees of free speech and consider how important it is to preserve it. Democrats are likely to get big ideas if that law actually takes force. They are probably very impressed with President Xi’s technology-controls of his Chinese citizens. Democrats talk feelings but they are far more interested in control. There is quite a difference between controlled or being controlled.

Wednesday, on CNN, Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) said he “would love to be able to regulate the content of speech. The First Amendment prevents me from doing go, and that’s simply a function of the First Amendment. But I think over the long run, it’s better that government does not regulate the content of speech.”  Lieu then added that “private companies should better regulate speech themselves.” After someone told him that was not too smooth, he tried to walk back the whole conversation, but it is a clear view into the way some leftists think. Amazing. Perhaps one has to run afoul of controlling laws to understand.

Globalists are quite sure that just the right laws (and the right punishments) will organize society into a more peaceful world. The problem is that they always ignore human nature. We are a quarrelsome.opinionated bunch, we humans. The most successful government is usually the one closest to the people, and if you think that is easy, go to a city council meeting sometime. But then the world is apparently very concerned with Free Market Capitalism, and fears the capitalists. Interestingly, the lack of Free-Market Capitalism is probably the reason they want to migrate.

ADDENDUM: Please read the comments. AC Osborn got it right, and I am in error. Please refer to the original piece below.

Europe seems torn between feeling that the “right thing” to do is accept migrants as fleeing from dangerous countries, and those who recognize that the current crop of migrants, at least, are not interested in becoming Austrians or Czechs or whatever country they have descended on, but in changing Europe to fit their ideas and customs. Many have written about the death of Europe under Islamic rule. Islam itself is divided between those who fully accept the Prophet’s command that those who do not accept Islam must be destroyed, and those who believe, but just want to get along, and expect that the higher birth rate will turn Europe Islamic eventually anyway. It won’t take long.

What has become clear is that Angela Merkel was wrong, and the Europeans who reached out to the migrants who were invited in are coming to see that it was a mistake, and nobody knows what to do about it. Mohammed is becoming the most common baby name in some countries. The UN compact is clearly not the answer. How this will develop is unknown.

Sometimes It Really Helps If You Know What You Are Talking About by The Elephant's Child

Oh ha, ha, ha. Here is one of the best examples you will find of a conversation between a clueless Democrat member of the press and someone who actually knows what he is talking about. Democrats are all about feeeelings.

CBS’s  Margaret Brennan was sure she had an advisor to President Trump in a humiliating spot on Face the Nation, over the death of a seven year-old child in the custody of the Border Patrol. And not only that, but Republicans were going to take away vulnerable Americans’ health care! Steven Miller made mincemeat of the naive Margaret Brennan, and this is undoubtedly his last appearance on Face the Nation, but it was a good one!

Democrats want open borders, partly for illegal immigrants who will work hard for little money, doing the scut work in our economy, and partly for potential voters to sway elections and to be counted in the upcoming census, which so far – does not count citizens, but just bodies. Big numbers of bodies means they will get more representatives in the House of Representatives, because the House is based on population numbers. (California gives out voter registration with a drivers’ license, which makes vote fraud easier.)

You have heard the Democrats whining about the terrible unfairness of the Electoral College. The Senate has two senators for each state, no matter how small, to balance the big states’ domination in the House where the few really big states would run the house and the government if they had their way and the smaller or more rural states would find their votes useless. The Founders understood that human nature is often greedy and selfish and aimed to make the three branches of government provide checks on each other.

The Border Patrol is attempting, every day, to protect illegal immigrants from their own folly. If you follow the news from the border, you will be aware of the dead bodies found in some of the more remote areas on our side of the border. Illegals often abandoned by smugglers or ‘coyotes’ who have their pay already. Traffickers have made it clear to illegals hoping to get in, that having children will help their plea for asylum, so the kids may not even belong to the illegals they are with. The 7 year-old child was deprived of food and water for days, and though the Border Patrol helicoptered her to the nearest children’s hospital, was unable to save her life. The Border Patrol are not the bad guys. They save lives almost every day.

Customs and Border Protection reported that 294 illegal aliens died crossing our southern border in federal fiscal year 2017, which is an 11% drop from the previous year. This counts only the bodies discovered. There’s a lot of wild country on the border. New skeletons were discovered just this week.

Next, keep in mind that an unknown number die on the Mexican side of our shared border in equally remote and inaccessible locations, and are simply left as cadavers by their smuggling guides, never to be counted by officialdom.

Then, recollect that others almost certainly die on Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala, or on Guatemala’s northern border — or, indeed, anywhere along the route for the tens of thousands of Guatemalans, Salvadorans, Hondurans, and others who yearly attempt the trek. They are not to be found in that 294 figure; they are a part of the unacknowledged overhead of this constant illegal movement in human beings al norte.

Gallup just did a “world survey” that needs to be taken with a hefty dose of salt, indicating that approximately 750 million people around the world would like to migrate, and to no one’s surprise, the United States is the prime choice of destination. The numbers are meaningless, except as perhaps an indication of the numbers of people who are unhappy with the government of their own countries, which is interesting.

Did You Know That the U.S. Is the World’s Largest Oil Producer? by The Elephant's Child


Do most people recognize that the United States has recently become the world’s largest oil producer? We have passed both Saudi Arabia and Russia as U.S. crude production has surged 20% in a year – and nearly tripled in the past decade. For nearly sixty years, OPEC has dominated the world’s oil markets by setting production quotas among its 15 members. In 2014, OPEC flooded the market with oil to try to break U.S. drillers who were pouring cash into innovation while they were already in debt. Seems like we knew what we were doing.

As oil prices fell below $40 a barrel in 2015 and 2016, many wildcatters folded or were absorbed by larger producers. The survivors became more efficient. They put technology to work, using drones with thermal imaging to detect any leaks along the line. Productivity went up. Over just the last five years, production per rig has more than tripled in the Permian basin and actually quadrupled in North Dakota’s Bakken Shale. The Bakken rig count has fallen by 70% and yet output has increased by a third.

In late 2015, the Republican Congress expanded the market for shale oil by lifting the export ban on crude oil in exchange for Obama’s demand to extend renewable energy tax credits.The biggest constraints on U.S. production have been distribution problems, but three new pipelines are expected to come online next year, capable of delivering 2 million barrels to the gulf coast and in 2020 two more pipelines will be completed.

The big news is that the U.S. Geological survey reported recently that the Permian’s Delaware basin holds more than twice as much oil and 18 times as much natural gas as the Midland region.

Barack Obama is claiming credit for the shale boom. (Why are we not surprised?) The Tax reform last year opened Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and the Interior Department scaled back unneeded protections for the sage grouse, which allows drilling on nine million acres in oil-rich states. Last month at Rice University, Obama said “You know that whole suddenly America’s like the biggest oil producer . . . that was me, people.” It must be hard to see the hated Trump administration get credit for expediting pipeline and terminal permitting and opening new federal land to drilling, but there you go. Can’t have it both ways.

OPEC countries and our own politicians should  take notice that America’s new energy prosperity comes from industry innovation, the importance of private property, and the wonders of the free market. We call it Free-Market Capitalism.

Confused by all the talk about “Fracking”? Here’s an excellent history and explanation from the oil industry.

So Much for a Productive Weekend! by The Elephant's Child

Sorry about the light blogging. We had a windstorm, The street sweeper came by yesterday, and we were delighted with the pristine streets. Today they are covered with leaves, needles, branches, cones, everybody’s grass clippings, and anything else that was loose and movable by a brisk wind. You have to feel a little sorry for the street sweeper – he must feel really good about making a neighborhood all shining and clean, and then this!

The windstorm took out our internet provider for hours, and by the time we got our connection back, it was too late to be up even for night owls. Looks like I’ll have to sweep up a bushel or so of douglas fir cones. Nothing new for the Pacific Northwest.

Oh hell, the internet connection just went out again.

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