American Elephants

The Speech and the Aftermath by The Elephant's Child

President Trump’s speech from the Oval Office tonight was “filled with lies”, “racist,” the partisan media even questioned whether the media should allow the President of the United States to address the nation from the Oval Office. “Should allow!” That statement clearly demonstrates just where we are today, and how far the Democrat Party has sunk.

Democrats have discovered their ability to “de-platform” or threaten those who advertise on conservative radio or conservative websites —works. Threats of lost customers, bad publicity, even demonstrations can convince companies to pull their advertising from whichever victim the left has chosen. The current victim is Tucker Carlson. The Left has just persuaded the restaurant chain Red Lobster to blacklist  Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight. Tucker is effective, knowledgeable, and last month he made comments criticizing American immigration policy. He also commented that many women do not want to marry men who make less income than they do — an obvious truism, but contrary to today’s “enlightened” attitudes. That statement must clearly be attacked. But new congressperson Rashida Tlaib can address the President of the United States with an expletive unrepeatable on television.

Democrats don’t like opposing views. That should tell you that there is something wrong with their message. If they are right, know what they are talking about, speak truth, they wouldn’t have to worry about anyone disagreeing.

Nancy Pelosi is trying to claim that a wall on the border is “immoral”. As I wrote earlier, one third of the world’s nations have walls on their borders. The idea that we have to have open borders for anyone who wants to come to America is an absurdity. What Democrats want is more Democrat voters. They have arranged for illegal aliens to be able to get driver’s licenses in California, and with the drivers’ license they get voter registration. Democrats depend on those illegal voters. They want more illegal aliens to be in this country for the upcoming Census, which will give them more representation in the House of Representatives which is based on population, and the Census counts bodies, not citizens.

Accuracy in Media pointed out that Trump’s Speech left the so-called fact checkers little to work with.

Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist also took on the angry media.

Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) explained the problems with the border in his home state.

The Washington Free Beacon also did a little “fact-checking” of the fact checkers. The current majority of illegals apprehended are not from Mexico. And the drug problem is also all too real. They have numbers.

Here’s Chris Buskirk explaining the humanitarian crisis.


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