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It’s All About Power. They Can’t Afford a Trump Win. by The Elephant's Child


Yesterday, President Donald Trump made a brief 15 minute speech that described the crisis at the southern border and offered a compromise proposal to the Democrats. He said that his proposal would not solve the immigration issues. but would address the immediate crisis at the border, and would allow the government to reopen.

Excellent speech, well delivered. This was Trump at his best. Democrats’ best hope is that not many people will see or hear the speech. Here’s the link: 

El Paso Sector Border Control officials report that at least 2,500 illegal aliens crossed the border along a small section of the New Mexico Border, this fiscal year as part of large groups of Central American families and unaccompanied minors near the Antelope Wells Port of Entry. These illegals are there because of Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer’s insistence on open borders.

As columnist Roger Kimball emphasizes, “almost everything the Democrats are now doing is about their hatred of Trump and the 2020 election.”

The Democrats are attempting to destroy Trump, gambling that prolonging the government shutdown redounds to their benefit while also calculating that more illegal immigrants means more welfare recipients, which means more Democratic voters.

The Democratic media has been emphasizing the horrors of the government shutdown in their every utterance, but in reality, it affects only those who live paycheck to paycheck, and for the convenience of those folks, a number of banks are offering no interest loans to tide them over. The administration has assured businesses that everyone will get their back pay as soon as Pelosi and Schumer quit playing games. You wouldn’t know it from the media’s breathless “It’s now Day 28 of the longest…”

John Fund quoted historian David Horowitz’ explanation of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, Obama’s community organizing handbook:

The cause of a political action — whether civil rights or women’s rights — is never the real cause; women, blacks, and other “victims” are only instruments in the larger cause, which is power.

Democrats are sure that their propaganda about the how nice open borders are for all the poor people coming from bad countries will make people approve of their intransigence. But even our Hispanic citizens are dubious about their claims. President Trump’s approval rating has climbed to over 50% among citizens of Hispanic origin. There’s a teachers’ strike going on in Los Angeles. The teachers want more money, the city says they can’t afford it. It is costing the city over $2 million to educate the illegal immigrant children in the district.

They have finally revised the “official” number of illegal immigrants in the country which had been “11 million” for years in spite of the numbers reportedly coming over the border. It is now supposedly over 20 million, but I’m not sure that we have any idea whatsoever.

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