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• William McGurn, Wall Street Journal: “The Shaming of Karen  Pence.She’s teaching at a Christian School!

• Victor Davis Hanson on: “Should the FBI Run the Country?

Not Exactly A Day Like All Days, Thank Goodness! by The Elephant's Child

If you want to see pictures, they are here:

What a thoroughly weird day. We had a Women’s March yesterday in the nation’s capitol and some other places, but only the DC one matters. That’s where you get the speeches and the press obligingly takes pictures of the most outrageous and vulgar signs. This one was even more excruciatingly embarrassing than the last one. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke in response to the major speech by the President of the United States. The newest and youngest of the 435 members of the House of Representatives felt called upon for a response.

Republicans made her a celebrity, so now we apparently have to live with it. Republicans were shocked by the inanity and wrongheadedness of what she said, and listened closely for the next stupidity. The media promptly started paying attention, and that is how celebrity gets made these days. I think it was Chris Buskirk who said that what she clearly was not stupid, it’s just that what she believed was completely wrong. Scott Adams warned that because Republicans found her threatening, she was dangerous and we must not underestimate her. She really just confirms what is the direction of the Democrat Party — neither knowledge of nor understanding of free-market capitalism, and an embrace of socialism instead.

I think the Left started off back in the day when Democrats were trying to start unions, with a viscous hatred for the “Captains of Industry,” Corporate bosses or CEOs.  College professors loathed them, for they made way more money than they and their fellows did, and they didn’t even have PhDs! That’s just my theory. Thus they have no interest in capitalism, free-market or any other kind, and they do not understand it because they loathe it. Listen closely and it pops up all the time. I often quote Christiana Figueres, General Secretary of the UN’s IPCC– supposedly the last word on world climate, who admitted that the goal of the environmental movement was not to save the world from climate doom, but “to rid the world of Capitalism.”

The United States is the most prosperous and powerful nation in the world, and we can’t seem to sell anybody else on free-market capitalism. Of course Obama could never manage anything over 2% growth, but that was not the norm. Donald Trump has restored growth, restored prosperity, restored jobs, and naturally everyone loathes him, and cannot say things vulgar enough about how much they hate him. Go figure.

A lot of people dumped their support for the Women’s March because of the Anti-Semitism of the leaders, and their connections. They support the BDS movement, and of course Linda Sarsour,a leader of the march is a Palestinian-American, and the march isn’t much about women anyway, and women are doing just fine.

The other big event of the day was that a group of boys from a Covington, Kentucky, Catholic Boys School were here for the March for Life on Saturday, in which their school traditionally participates. They were waiting at the Lincoln Memorial for their bus, and a bunch of Black Supremacy Activists started yelling at them, then a elderly Native American activist worked his way through the crowd and started playing his drum right under the nose of one of the boys.

The young man smiled at the activist, maintained his poise, asked their counselor for permission to do the school yell. His parents should be proud of him. Twitter got into the event, and disgraced themselves and their pretensions of fairness, and the whole thing became an “event,” falsely portrayed, and the kids were being called awful names, getting death threats, and even their principal and their church assumed that they had done something wrong — they had not. It will all blow over, the kids will be proven to be without fault, and to have behaved extremely well under great provocation.

The current leftist meme is that the poised young man who smiled in response to someone drumming right in his face – was “smirking.” And clearly “smirking” is a “face-crime.” There are no depths to which the Left will not descend.

Just another ordinary day. I’m not sure just how many more ordinary days like that one we can handle.

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