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• Victor Davis Hanson addresses A License to Hate.The Left and their smears and hatred, what they say and why. Do read this whole thing, you’ll be glad you did.

• Thomas Lifson, proprietor of American Thinker explains why he is “attending no Pity Parties for furloughed federal workers.

• William McGurn, Wall Street Journal: “The Shaming of Karen  Pence.She’s teaching at a Christian School!

• Victor Davis Hanson on: “Should the FBI Run the Country?

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While I am strongly opposed to any sort of pity party for .y husband has applied to without a degree.

Basically, it takes things like having at least six years of experience in the desired skill, with an up to date security clearance– so, hiring a guy who was doing it in the military. That is, technically, no college at all, and some folks going that route didn’t graduate high school, either. (If I remember correctly, that hasn’t been possible since 9/11; I know the Navy was allowing it in the months before, because I tutored the guys who were getting their GEDs in boot camp. Come to think of it, that might’ve been waivers, though.)

This is especially bothersome when they’re in a situation where they get credit for time in service, which bumps the pay up again.

Now, contrast with the college kid co-workers my husband games with, the 5% higher than private group– they are also all clean of security risks, and actually in starting positions, and one of them is headed to…dang, can’t remember which country, although it’s in the Middle East and it is publicly known that we have folks there, so not a risk to mention it exists. That guy is basically going back into the military with that job, but being paid better.

So you’re comparing veterans to J-Random-High-School-Grad to someone who is experienced and part of a significantly smaller group who can get a security clearance.

I checked the paper; the variables they accounted for were education, age and marriage.


The annoying thing is, I agree with the conclusion. I just think the argument is critically flawed.


Comment by Foxfier

*frumble grumble rats*

I managed to miss that select-and-replace-with-a period…. (caught the first one! The little Contessa is “helping” me type)

K, first paragraph is to be something like:

While I am strongly opposed to any sort of pity party for furloughed workers (and my husband is one!) I also shudder to see this kind of bad comparison. It will just piss off people who are familiar with the situation, not persuade them. I know how very hard it was to get hired for the various jobs my husband has applied to without a degree.


Comment by Foxfier

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