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The Border Patrol Has Been Asking for Barriers Along the Border by The Elephant's Child

Laredo Sector Border Control rescued a family from the Rio Grande River in an unsecured section of the border with Mexico. The woman and her 10-month-old child were stranded in the river when smugglers abandoned them, and left them overnight in the icy river. The Border Patrol took them to a local hospital for evaluation, but they needed no further treatment. During the last fiscal year Border Patrol officers rescued more than 4,300 migrants in distress. During the first two months of this fiscal year, the numbers jumped 75 percent over the same period last year.

The wife of a Border Patrol agent has invited Nancy Pelosi to visit the border to see for herself why walls are needed.

“We would like to show you around! You don’t need to bring any security detail. Our husbands/significant others are actually very good at their jobs, thank goodness!” Jill Demanski, the wife of a Texas-based Border Patrol agent wrote in a letter to Speaker Pelosi. She told Fox News she wrote the letter because she felt Pelosi needs to see this area of the border in person in order to make an informed decision about border security funding

She emphasized that elected representative should meet with the agents on the ground to get a more accurate understanding of the need for physical barriers. She said the border wall is not a Trump issue and that Border Patrol agents have been asking for  barriers along the border for years. Attacks on Border Patrol agents have been increasing in this fiscal year.

The Center for Immigration Studies has calculated that installing barriers in the areas where they are needed would pay for themselves in the reduced costs of crime, welfare, and schooling for illegal aliens. They scream that “No Human is Illegal”, but anyone entering the country without a visa is illegal, and an alien is merely someone who owes their allegiance to another country.


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Related– and from CNN, at that:

In the early morning hours Thursday, several busloads of migrants were dropped off on Highway 2 in Mexico, just south of the Arizona border.

“They walked about 100 yards, climbed under and over the vehicle barrier that is the only infrastructure in that area and agents were called in to make the arrest,” said acting Tucson Border Patrol Chief Jeffrey Self.


Comment by Foxfier

There’s no crisis, they said. No need to help our law enforcement at the border. Here’s the truth about the border: Seeing is believing, unless you practice cognitive dissonance, of course:


Comment by Fedup

Yes, and some ranchers on the border have found prayer rugs close to the border on the Mexican side, But unsettling, but there’s no problem on the border.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

Thanks for the link! Sorta messes up ‘Beto’
O’ Rourke’s potential campaign for the presidency or the V.P. role despite his “boyish good looks.” Saying we should tear down the border walls in El Paso doesn’t seem like such a good idea with that bit of information.

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Comment by The Elephant's Child

I just did bit of hasty reading and didn’t look promptly at the date. Wonder what they have accomplished in the intervening years? Have you seen any information on the extent of Mexican Army and our people’s cooperation? It’s pretty clear that the Mexican Border towns are badly infected with Cartels. At least we put one Cartel boss away permanently. but they seldom have trouble coming up with a new one.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

I don’t have a bunch of information, but I know the… Mexican Marines, C-Mar I think they’re called, were the main guys who actually fought cartels. They recently got yanked back, hard, because they hit Cartels too hard…..

Even when they manage a weaponized neighborhood watch, it’s amazing if they go six months without being dragged into one power or another.

I honestly think a big chunk of the issue is that weapons are rare. In the entire “county” to our south, there are fewer legal weapons than in one gun store in my folks’ tiny town gun store.

We don’t have more guns than they do, but my folks plus us, I wouldn’t take bets.


Comment by Foxfier

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