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Today’s Commentary for Today. Posts I Liked. by The Elephant's Child

Important columns from today:

Thomas Sowell: Investors Business Daily “Lessons from the Past” Partly from his own history in 1948, when he was a black 17 year-old school dropout,  compared with the experience of 17 year old black teenagers today.

— Sally Pipes: Investors Business Daily “To Win the White House, Democrats Will Have to Hide the Truth About Single Payer.” It’s hard to believe that anyone would be pushing this.

— Bjorn Lomborg: “What science could teach Ocasio-Cortez about climate change” She knows we are all going to die starting in 12 years, and she’s not interested in other opinions.

—Byron York: Washington Examiner: “In border talks, a new fight for barrier deniers.” The ongoing efforts of the House-Senate committee. There are some areas of agreement, but not many.

— Editorial: Investors Business Daily “Growth Paid for 20% of GOP Tax Cuts, New CBO Data Show. Republicans argued during debates that the tax cuts would partially pay for themselves by spurring economic growth. Democrats, of course, said they were a giveaway to the rich. GOP was right.

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