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Homework, And The Difficulty of Being Human by The Elephant's Child


Here’s my philosophy such as it is. Being human on this earth carries with it all sorts of burdens. A lot of people put a great deal of effort into preparing you to deal with life. Parents, relatives, teachers, coaches, doctors, police, when you reach the age when you are supposed to take care of yourself, learn how to work, begin to contribute – you are supposed to have learned that you have to keep learning, and make an effort to be informed. The world is filled with misinformation and charlatans, dangers and the unexpected. To make the best of things, you have to do your homework.

That means that you may have to read hard stuff, you may have to find out for yourself, find out what  is true, who to believe and who to trust, and you will still get it wrong a good part of the time. The trouble with being an ordinary human being is that everyone else is too. We all have all the flaws and foibles of ordinary humanity, but some have more than others. Families can’t get along, and we often can’t agree with our spouses, or our children. So it is not always easy, and when you get to the contentious parts – like politics, or climate, or football for that matter, you may lose friends and cease influencing anyone.

Marc Morano, host at Climate Depot, has a new book out: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change, (Recommended) An excerpt from the script which was left out of the book has been published at WattsUpWithThat. It’s a look at the true-believers in Climate Doomsday just round the corner, and their rage at the rest of us — for failing to agree with them. You will find it curiously harks back to the election in 2016 and the insanity produced by the Trump victory. Same degree of mental derangement. It’s long, but worth your time for understanding the times we are living through. As I said, doing your homework.

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