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Reforming Our Education System, One Small Step At A Time by The Elephant's Child

I’m beginning to think we need  a new course somewhere in our education system. It should focus on the history of the world – in the sense of the big sweep of time from the Big Bang down to the present. The movements of people across the globe, the inventions and discoveries that changed the world, like the domestication of animals, the invention of the wheel, that sort of thing. In one sense, to grasp history, you need a sense of the big picture, and we have way too many people that simply do not have one.

The other thing that seems to be missing is a real sense of what it means to be human, which seems to be missing in this age of “identity politics”.

The current trend is to erase any history of which one does not approve, which shows nothing so much as a complete ignorance of what history is. The attempt to tear down Confederate monuments and change the names of buildings was a shameful attempt at “virtue signaling” to demonstrate what a good person the “signaler” is. The purpose of history is to show where we have been so that we can learn from our successes and our mistakes. Historians bemoan the history that is missing because of all the stuff that gets thrown away. Tearing down history because you disapprove of it is deeply shameful — but the virtue signalers are utterly clueless.

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