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Is Our Southern Border Situation a Crisis? Of Course It Is! by The Elephant's Child

President Trump declared a national emergency at the border, after Congress delivered a spending bill denying the money Mr. Trump had requested and insisting that there was no crisis at the border. The usual suspects reacted with their usual outrage, insisting that the president was a racist who obviously just didn’t like brown people. Since there clearly was no border crisis, it was interesting that both Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer refused to see, or speak to, a large group of “Angel Moms”who had lost children or husbands to criminal illegal aliens. Most had pictures of their dead family members, but the two Democrats weren’t up to hearing them.

It’s hard to get accurate numbers, but there are apparently twenty national emergency orders from prior presidents still in effect. Obama reportedly issued 13.  Great weeping and wailing about a Constitutional crisis, and threats to take it right to court, which President Trump expected. Does that make you a tiny bit suspicious?

The president has been to the border, talked to present and past Border Patrol Chiefs and individual agents, to Sheriffs from border counties, and he has met with “Angel Moms” as well.

Too many Democrats make it clear that they really want open borders. It is not, as far as I can tell, Republican-run cities that proclaim themselves as “Sanctuary Cities.” They want ICE, the police force in charge of immigration and customs enforcement, abolished, apparently because of the pictures they have seen of children in cages (dating from the Obama administration). It is against the law to detain children with their parents. The kids are well taken care of, well fed, entertained, taken to parks. A couple of kids have died after being turned over to the Border Patrol, but because they didn’t get enough drinking water and care on their trip to the border. Kids who exhibit any signs of ill health are taken promptly to a hospital, as are adults.

Contagious diseases are coming across the border. Mumps is back, Measles is back, and typhoid is rampant in Los Angeles, even in government buildings.

The best source for information about immigration I have found is CIS – the Center for Immigration Studies ( They identify themselves as anti-illegal immigration and pro-legal immigration, a think-tank that studies all matters on immigration, and testifies to Congress, and supplies them with statistics.

I’m convinced that the Democrat leadership wants open borders, or at least plentiful immigration, as they assume that most illegal immigrants will manage (with help) to vote. California issued voter registration cards with drivers’ licenses. The reported numbers of illegal aliens voting are very discouraging.  I don’t believe that non-citizens should be allowed to vote. I welcome legal immigrants, love the new foods and customs they bring to the country, but I also believe in a border wall. Most countries have walls of one sort or another, and strict immigration laws.

Washington D.C. is filled with walls. The celebrities who rage and froth at the mouth over ICE and cruelty to innocent children ripped from their mothers’ arms, and anything Trump has done in particular mostly seem to have walls around their houses. The elites who fund the political parties like a goodly supply of illegals to do the scut work around their homes.

President Obama’s former Border Patrol Chief, Mark Morgan. appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show with Brian Kilmeade to discuss President Trumps decision to declare a state of emergency in order to reallocate funds toward constructing a wall. Kilmeade asked ” Is the president making up an emergency?”

“Absolutely not,” Morgan responded. “Brian, this is part of the frustration for those of us from a law enforcement, border security perspective. How many more statistics do we have to provide? How many more factually based examples do we have to provide? How many more angel families have to stand in front of some of these individuals before they finally say, ‘Yeah, okay, this is real.’ It’s just incredulous.”

“So, first of all, look at the take now. Sixty thousand [people] are coming in a month illegally into this country. This year so far, 62 caravans of 100 or more – 13 in all of last year, 2,000 in one single day this week,” Morgan answered. “So the numbers are climbing, but it’s manufactured, right? The other thing, the other argument on in between the port of entry is an absolute false narrative. Sixty percent of the southwest border does not have infrastructure, technology and personnel.”

Again, what it means to me is this is absolutely driven on identity politics. The experts have spoken both on ICE, both on United States border patrol and CBP and they have told Congress what they need to protect the borders for the security and safety of this country, Brian,” he continued. “And they have not just ignored it, they have discounted everything that they have said. Unfortunately, to me, I have only drawn one conclusion. It’s based on identity politics.”

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