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Time to Get To the Bottom of this Climate Change Business, If It’s Not Too Late! by The Elephant's Child


The White House is organizing a panel to assess if Climate Change poses a national security threat. Federal intelligence agencies have apparently affirmed this idea several times since President Trump took office. The proposed Presidential Committee on Climate Security will be established by executive order and will be spearheaded by William Happer, a National Security Council senior director. Happer who is an emeritus professor of physics at Princeton University, is a world renowned climate scientist. He has said that carbon emissions linked to climate change should be regarded as an asset rather than a pollutant.  (from Climate Depot:)

Unsurprisingly, he has written numerous articles that are “mainly” about the infrared absorption bands and Google Scholar finds over 1,000 articles that contain his name as well as “infrared”. So when it comes to the main physical effect that is supposed to drive “climate change”, he’s not only an expert. He’s one of the world’s leading experts. CNN and doomsaying crackpots in general surely find this fact inconvenient but this inconvenience doesn’t make it less true.”

The following comes from The Washington Post, so you will notice  a slight change in tone:

The initiative represents the Trump administration’s most recent attempt to question the findings of federal scientists and experts on climate change and comes less than three weeks after Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats delivered a worldwide threat assessment that identified it as a significant security risk.

In late November, Trump dismissed a government report finding that global warming is intensifying and poses a major threat the U.S. economy, saying, “I don’t see it.” Last month, his nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency, acting administrator Andrew Wheeler, testified that he did not see climate change as one of the world’s pressing challenges.

Lefties believe firmly in science, if it comes from those who are equally alarmed by the potential of Climate Change to destroy the world in the near future. Al Gore and Bill Nye tell us it’s a real problem, as does Leonardo De Caprio, and AO-C, so pay no attention to those “deniers”. Trump refused to sign the Paris Climate Accords that were going to save the world, so see! See!

Perhaps we should reassess the Federal Intelligence agencies while we’re at it.

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Perhaps we should reassess the Federal Intelligence agencies while we’re at it.

Given their missing Hillary Clinton committing treason with the Uranium One sale to Russia while accepting millions in bribes via The Clinton Initiative; grossly and criminally mishandling thousands of pieces of classified material; and then engaging in an arms length financial transaction to buy information from 2 FSB agents via Christopher Steele (Golden Showers)… we probably need to fire at least 50% of the personnel at all of those agencies for what can only nicely be called as gross incompetence blinded by their politics. This is a massive inexcusable counter-intelligence failure.


Comment by dscott

I know, I know. How can it be possible for an agency supposedly devoted to fighting crime to suddenly decide that it is their business to consider the suitability of the president elected by the citizens of the country for the office to which he was elected, and think they should organize his removal from that office? Boggles the mind.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

A Coup Is Dead. Now For The Counterintelligence Investigations We Really Need

Autopsy of a dead coup


Comment by dscott

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