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The Planet Has Been Warming and Cooling for Millions and Millions of Years by The Elephant's Child




600 TO 200 B.C.:Unnamed cold period that preceded the Roman Warming.
200 about A.D.600:Roman Warming.
600 to 900:Dark Ages cold period.
900 to 1300:Medieval Warming or Little Climate Optimum.
1300 to 1850:Little Ice Age (two-stage)


1850 to 1940:Warming, especially between 1920 and 1940.
1940 to 1975:Cooling Trend.
1976 to 1978:Sudden Warming Spurt
1979 to present:large disparity between surface thermometers, which show a fairly strong warming, and the independent temperature readings of satellites and weather balloons, which show little warming trend.

I don’t know in what form Congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Governor Inslee received the information that Climate Change was suddenly, after millions and millions of years, becoming an existential threat to life on earth, and with all sorts of scientists studying the problem, that they were personally called upon to notify humanity that we have to do something right now or we are all doomed.

Neither of these two politicians have scientific degrees, nor do they back up their incipient terror with incontrovertible evidence from any scientist of repute. So with no confirmation of any kind, it’s left up to us ordinary citizens, with long experience with politicians trying to make themselves seem important, to call b.s. on the whole thing.

The climate has been warming and cooling long before history recorded any temperatures, but scientists have devised ways of getting at least an inkling of what has gone on in the big ages of the past. I am merely a lay person with no scientific expertise, so I look things up in books at home or from the library. If I don’t understand what I am reading, I study up a little more. I learned  long time ago that it was kind of embarrassing to shoot off one’s mouth and not know what you are talking about.

The above timeline is from a 2007 book called Unstoppable Global Warming

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