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Have The Democrats Finally Gone Too Far? Yes. by The Elephant's Child


I have a bad habit of jotting down brief notes as I read my way round the internet on a little grocery list kind of pad, and then not being able to read them because I scribbled.  Most get scrapped. but I keep a few, like these:

Sept. 18, 2014 – New York Times reported that the term “assault weapons” was created by Democrats in order to build momentum to ban  “a politically defined category of guns.”  and I added ARLS
are responsible for less thn 2% of all gun deaths. and 4.4 shootings in schools per 100,000 students—98% not by rifles or shotguns.

If the Left is losing, it means the rules need to be changed.

Republicans “spew hate” while Democrats are “passionate”

Today, I noticed more recognition that Democrats are engaging in pure propaganda. They are having trouble dealing with, and covering up for, their new freshmen congresspersons. Afraid to condemn, can’t approve, but how much of a following do these three have?

Here’s Michael Goodwin at the New York Post: “Have the Democrats finally gone too far?

Seth Barron, also N.Y. Post: “Forget about Israel” Ilhan Omar’s not a big fan of America, either.”

Michael Walsh at PJ Media: “Border Emergency? What Border Emergency?”

Erielle Davidson at The Federalist: “Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Jewish Views are Typical for Democrats’ Congressional Black Caucus”

Byron York: Washington Examiner: “Yes Trump is target of ‘presidential harassment’

Melissa Langsam Braunstein: The Federalist: Democrats to Jews: You Don’t Know An Anti-Semite When You Hear One”

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