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Political Parties and Their Understanding of the World by The Elephant's Child

It’s often hard to understand the divide between the two political parties. We don’t speak the same language, and we don’t always seem to live in the same world. The Left is interested in equality, fairness, control, power, and distributing blame. They care deeply about those who are not equal and want power specifically to redistribute that which needs redistribution in order to make everything fair.

The Right, in general, assumes that life is not fair, and that is not something that can be fixed. What you can do instead is to provide opportunity, and it’s up to those who chafe at not being equal to make the most of the opportunity offerred. Not everybody will make the effort, but life is hard, and there’s no way to make it fair for everyone, but it’s important to provide opportunity. This is not acceptable to the Left because it doesn’t fix things.

The Right understands that when you lower the taxes paid by businesses and the people who run them, it means they have more money to invest, to experiment, to create, hire and expand, which they promptly do, and the economy grows as new products hit the market, new businesses open, new plants open and hire workers, and the increased prosperity means that workers get raises which means they can buy things they’ve been wanting, and the economy grows.

The Left sees only tax cuts for the rich who do not need tax cuts because they are already rich, and seethes. Their unfortunates are still unfortunate, and they resolve that the first thing they will do when they regain power is to hit the undeserving rich with much higher taxes to help those unfortunates. To get control and keep it, they will need more dependable voters so they resolve to import them, by opening the borders for good workers for mowing their lawns and useful stuff like that.

In venues where they still have control, the Left will choose to raise the minimum wage so the workers will vote for them the next time, and they can feel good about helping the poorer workers. The owners of most restaurants cannot afford to raise the cost of their meals, so they lay off some of their workers, or cut back their hours. “New York City restaurants are eliminating jobs, reducing employee hours and raising prices due to the higher costs of the $15-per-hour minimum wage.”

A once-growing industry is contracting, according to an online survey conducted by the New York City Hospitality Alliance, an association representing restaurants in the city.

Last year, “full-service restaurants recorded a 1.6 percent job loss, which is the first recorded annual loss in two decades,” said Andrew Rigie, executive director of the trade group.

The Left is taken aback at the callous actions of greedy restaurant owners mistreating their employees, and vows to increase the taxes of the rich even more to provide more benefits to the poor and people who have been laid off or lost their jobs. They resolve to move closer to  a welfare state because it doesn’t cost much and provides so many benefits.

If people knew how much the present consumption of social benefits entails less prosperity in the future, the population would have a critical attitude towards the welfare state and politicians would have a harder time selling their fraud. Just as a society that ranks security over liberty loses both, a society that attributes a higher value to social benefits than to wealth creation ends up with neither wealth nor benefits.

So there you go. The problem is that we just don’t speak the same language at all.

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