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The Border Crisis is Congress’s Fault! by The Elephant's Child


Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen sent a letter to Congress on March 28, with an “urgent request” for assistance in dealing with what she described as a tide of migrants that were overwhelming the border facilities, and the department was facing a”system-wide meltdown.”

She said in the letter that there were 1,200 unaccompanied children in U.S. Customs and Border Protection custody. That is in addition to 6,600 families which brought the total number of children in custody up to around 4,700. The border facilities are not designed for holding children for extended periods, but there is nowhere else for them to go. The HHS Services residential shelters are reaching peak capacity. DHS facilities are at (or over) capacity with serious over-crowding, and thousands more are arriving daily.

ICE has been working urgently to find more bed space, and speeding up transfers, but they have had to release both adults and families because there is no place to hold them. This simply encourages more to head to the border on the chance they will be among those to be released.

Why is this a problem? As the secretary explains, “children … are put at high risk by this emergency and … are arriving sicker than ever before after this treacherous trek. DHS agents and officers are performing more than 60 hospital visits a day — many to ensure young people get immediate treatment — and we now are regularly seeing individuals arrive with life-threatening conditions.”

Reports of violence and sexual assault along the route are now pervasive, meaning that many arriving migrants require especially focused care. In some cases, girls as young as 10 years old in DHS custody require pregnancy tests so we can be sure they get essential medical support.  Traffickers are preying on innocent people for profit, and exploiting this crisis to line their pockets by breaking our laws.

U.S.Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan said during  visit to El Paso that the border had hit its “breaking point, and urged Congress to come up with legislative solutions to the problem. 100,000 illegal alien apprehensions in March — the highest monthly number in a decade,  around 90 percent crossed the border between legal ports of entry.

Michel Cutler wrote a while back that open borders are dangerous to public health. He reminded that Ellis Island was a quarantine station. We seem to be facing increasing epidemics of measles across the country, particularly in New York State.

Rich Lowry, writing at the New York Post, pulls no punches. The headline is “Dereliction of duty: The border crisis is Congress’ fault.”

President Trump’s threat to close down the border with Mexico isn’t a sign of strength, but of frustration fading into desperation.

He is reacting with understandable alarm at a spiraling migrant crisis on the border, and looking to Mexico to address it because we are unwilling to do it on our own — not unable, unwilling.

There were more than 100,000 apprehensions at the border in March, an increase from the 76,000 in February. The numbers for both months were the highest in 10 years. The total for the fiscal year could hit a million, a historic surge completely overwhelming our capabilities.

The Democrats have a lot to answer for — Illegals and those who who are funding them depend on the lax U.S. border laws. They are notorious for their laxity. Most of those who are crossing the border turn themselves in to the Border Patrol immediately, and as soon as they are given a date for their asylum hearing they are released into the country, and few show up for their hearings.

Every subsequent murder, robbery, drug death can be laid directly on the desks of Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer. They choose not to deal with it, if questioned will slip into the theme that we are  a nation of immigrants, and all the wonderful things that  immigrants do for the country. This is propaganda. We are a nation of citizens who are not all that enthusiastic about paying for welfare and health care and schooling for a new 100,000 illegals. You might point out to your Democratic representatives that you would like the border laws fixed.

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