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The Democrat Campaign Heats Up. Bad Ideas Proliferate. by The Elephant's Child


Democratic Senator and Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris (D-CA) has introduced a bill, along with 20 other Democratic senators, to hire DACA illegal immigrants to help prepare laws for 330 million Americans.

The giant sign outside my office says ‘DREAMers Welcome Here’ because we know and value the contributions that these young people have made to their communities,” the California senator said in a Wednesday statement about the DACA job offer.

But right now, those same young people are banned from giving back to their country by working for Congress. That has to change … Government works best when it reflects the people it represents. Our nation’s DREAMers are some of our best and brightest, and it’s time they had the opportunity to get a job or paid internship on Capitol Hill.

Politico wrote “Kamala Harris is going all in on immigration reform” which also highlighted the claim that federal immigration law is “a mean-spirited ban on Dreamers.” It’s the latest move by the California Democrat to seize on an issue that her rival Beto O’Rourke has made his calling card.

She is also pushing for legislation that would dramatically expand the legal and financial incentives for Low-wage Indian college graduates to take U.S. high tech jobs. Harris’s mother is from India.

There are roughly 800,000 young people protected from deportation by the Deferred action for Childhood Arrivals program. The deferred action part gave young people who were accepted into the program deferral from being deported while they were in school or had work permits. The Dreamers part was an executive order by Obama of questionable legality. Democrats refer to them as “young people”, “kids, “dreamers”, “innocent children.” but that’s stretching the vocabulary a bit. They had to be under the age of 31 as of June 15, 2012, so some are already 42 years old, and well past the innocent child phase.

A former immigration official has estimated the fraud rate is at 40 or 50 percent. Experts say the screening was lax under Obama, and applicants lied about their qualifications. USCID employees deferred to get them through. 21 percent dropped out of high school, far above the national rate.  Many have already committed felonies. But it would be cruel to not make them citizens? We can’t have a wall because that would be cruel, (though walls do work to reduce the flow.) If we must offer citizenship and congressional jobs making immigration laws, how do we turn down the next bunch? and the next?

I am for legal immigration. You have to apply and wait your turn. No “chain migration” that lets in all your relatives.  No “anchor babies.” In California you are registered to vote when you get a driver’s license, Democrats understand that illegal aliens are apt to vote for Democrats, and thus they encourage open borders. Nice for the illegals, but not so nice for American citizens who have to pay for their heavy use of welfare, food stamps and care at emergency rooms, aside from the crimes they commit. Obama had his picture printed on the innersole of the free shoes he gave to “the Dreamers” so they would know to whom they owed their votes.

Every nation in the world has legal borders and laws about who is allowed to enter and who is not. According to the Democratic Party the United States is not allowed to keep anybody out, which may account for the fact that 20% of the world’s migrants live in the United States. That is estimated as 44.5 million people plus the standard figure of 11 million illegal aliens which never changes though the news will be announcing that another 100,000 were released into the country this week, or 2,000 sneaked across into Texas or New Mexico or Arizona.  It’s always the nice round number of 11,000. Has been the same number for years.

Different Strokes for Different Folks by The Elephant's Child


Wednesday was Equal Pay Day. Somehow I missed that. It has been the law since 1963 that men and women must be paid the same for doing the same job. Yet the whining goes on about the “pay gap.” Mother Jones claimed the pay gap costs women $840 billion a year. CNBC reported it represents  $1 million shortfall for women. But this is not comparing the same pay for the same job, but comparing the average female wage with the average male wage which is something different entirely. It is not the result of discrimination, but of different choices.

Women just make different career choices, and different work-life balance choices. When given the same choices as men, women are apt to choose different fields of study, value flexibility over salary, work fewer hours, and don’t go for physically dangerous employment. Not many female crane operators or linemen for power companies. Women earn more degrees than their male counterparts. but four out of five top-paying college majors have large majorities of male students, and the reverse is true of the five lowest-paid majors, where women have large majorities in all but one.

Women take twice as many unpaid hours off, and men work 83% more overtime. Most mothers with young children still report that their ideal situation is part-time rather than full-time work. When it comes to family, men seem to be thinking about supporting a family, while women seem to be thinking about caring for a family. There’s a difference.

The Federalist included some facts from the Independent Women’s Forum:

  • Wage discrimination is illegal and has been in the U.S. since 1963, when the Equal Pay act was signed into law.
  • The 1964 Civil Rights Act also protects women from baseless gender discrimination in the workplace.
  • “Equal Pay Day” is based on a misleading interpretation of wage data.
  • The wage gap doesn’t take into account variables like profession, education, experience, benefits, work conditions, or hours worked.
  • And it doesn’t compare men and women with the same jobs, experience, training, or hours.
  • The wage gap is not a measure of “equal pay for equal work.” Instead, it’s largely a reflection of individual choices about work among women and men.

When controlling for relevant factors, the pay gap shrinks to $0.98.

Progressives are betting on their “victimhood ploy”, that is, declaring that you are a victim, and if you vote for them, they will rescue you. It works for them a good part of the time. Try to remember just how often you have heard someone on the Left talking about women being underpaid, marginalized, poorly treated because they are — women.  And how many men do you know who have chosen careers as primary school teachers or children’s librarians? Or women who work on oil rigs?

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