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MIT Atmospheric Physicist Richard Lindzen Offers A Few Words by The Elephant's Child

Climate change is an urgent topic of discussion among politicians, journalists and celebrities, but actual climate scientists are not so much click-bait as real celebrities, and journalists seem more interested in click-bait than deeply informed commentary. We seem to be transforming into a society that values  popularity more than accuracy, or perhaps we always were, but it just wasn’t as obvious as it is today. Richard Lindzen is one of the most esteemed climate scientists in the world, and one to whom you should pay attention.

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A quick antidote to some of the superficial nonsense churned out daily that claims to be about the Earth’s climate.


Comment by oldbrew

Surprising that Mr Lindzen does not refute the idea of greenhouse gases, since greenhouses do not produce any gas different than what is normally found in the atmosphere, AND that the earth’s atmosphere does not in any way replicate the solar heating function of the typical greenhouse. Thus, there is no such thing as so-called “greenhouse gasses.” Exotic gasses produced as products of man’s technology pale in comparison to the volume of gasses produced by the earth’s natural cycles, which gasses have less than negligible effect on the thermal heating cycle affecting ocean evaporation and plant transpiration.

Likewise, there is no such thing as “fossil” fuel, for no one yet has reduced fossils into a fuel of any kind. The earth makes oil from organic compounds by natural processes in its cyclic nature, which is reduced to more elemental carbon compounds useful to specific applications. Such compounds ultimately find their way back into the earth’s cyclic processes, and the only threat posed by their use is when they are improperly handled in concentrations hazardous to life.

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Comment by JB

The basic problem is not teaching the people about the science of climate, but
in squashing the panic about “climate change” and the the end of the world in just 12 years. The idea that there is a real crisis is pervasive around the world, and includes many professors who became suddenly interested in climate when they found they could get big government grants if they studied climate, so they borrowed computer programs from those used for forecasting the stock market, put in what basic facts they knew and lot of guesses and started “modelling” the climate. That’s how you got Michael Mann’s “hockey stick graph” that showed drastically increasing CO2. The big government money has gone to those who were predicting disaster, and big grants can make a lot of people true believers. Prominent players have admitted that the goal of “climate change” is not to save us from impending disaster, but to end capitalism, and send the wealth of the free world to the third world. Climate alarmism has infected way too many people who really believe in the coming disaster. They re not open to a lot of technical knowledge about climate, but calm reassurance from an expert may help.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

I like this blog. I’m just an old cranky geophysics engineer. As said above, there cannot be a greenhouse effect with a high Rayleigh number, but nasa went with ‘Venus Physics’. Right now global temps are flat, but I’m expecting them to go down, and that might shake the tree. However, with so much money at stake, I think they can ignore reality for a long time. Get lots of sweaters as we go into some sort of ice age. I go with ocean currents on all of this, no ether or sunspots, simply because it is simpler, and it’s all we need. However, nasa is deliberately avoiding the necessary physics experiments to nail this down. Looks like another beast from the East for UK. 🙂

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Comment by Harold Asmis

Thank you! I’m strictly a layperson. but I grew up, literally outdoors on 400 acres in what one could call the foothills of the Rockies (with some exaggeration) and I have a deep familiarity with weather.Been snowed in, flooded, struck by lightening (close) and I’n not going to fall for any climate panic.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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