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It Is a Constitutional Crisis! Isn’t It? by The Elephant's Child

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said today that we are in a “Constitutional Crisis”. Jerry Nadler said that we are now in a “Constitutional Crisis”. Even Adam Schiff said we’re in a “Constitutional Crisis”. This seems to the the Left’s talking point of the day. There was also some muttering about Trump not being a king or an emperor. But they are clearly correct.

This is something of a Constitutional crisis. We have one political party unwilling to accept the rules of the Constitution on how elections are decided. They are furious because they lost, and want the Constitution changed so that it never happens again. And they are determined to get rid of the hated Trump by any means necessary. Outraged by the Mueller failure to provide immediate succor, they are groping for another solution. I’m not sure that you can impeach someone simply because you do not like him. But just who and what makes it a crisis is up for debate.

The Electoral College and the structure of the Senate were carefully designed to make sure that the people of the less populous states had equal representation. Every state has two senators, and the House of Representatives numbers reflect the population numbers. It was a pretty impressive bit of planning when at the time a sprawling union of 50 states was unimaginable, and Hawaii and Alaska were unknown, as was much of anything west of the Adirondacks.

I’m beginning to suspect that the Left has noticed that the economy is booming, that there are more job openings than unemployed people to fill them, and their celebrated former president could never get growth above 2% no matter how much he “invested” in the economy, and declared that the world had changed and an upside was no longer possible. Pelosi is still describing the Trump tax cuts as the worst thing ever done to our economy. (They simply cannot grasp supply-side economics.) The idea that you make the world a better place by giving people free stuff, like free college and Medicare for all, and making them happy to vote for you is clearly the better policy goal, isn’t it?

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(They simply cannot grasp supply-side economics.)

Yes they do, they hate it because their narrative depends upon people thinking they (the pols) did it due to their superior intellect and not the ant like distributive sorting of factors performed by the market place. IF their leadership is totally unnecessary for the economy to run, and for people to solve their own problems, then for what do you need their leadership?

Liberal Democrats have a strategy problem, they are stuck with the centuries old idea that the best way to obtain and hold power is to play the co-dependence manipulation gambit. Add to that, the corrupt practice of passing legislation to help their cronies who in turn contribute to their re-election campaigns.

There is a difference between running the trade versus facilitating the trade. Republicans would do well to remember this the next time someone demands they do something…
The consent of the governed means more than we the people objecting to the elite’s plans for self enrichment, it means we get to limit government interference and meddling in everyone’s lives. Every law that is passed gives the government an opening to do something it wasn’t allowed to before and that is an erosion of our individual rights. It has become a zero sum game. Government is supposed to be a necessary evil, not a money making opportunity for the few from the many. Federalist Paper #62, President Madison

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