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It is All About Politics, Not the Welfare of the Country by The Elephant's Child

Andy McCarthy appeared on Fox News to explain the Democrats and the Mueller probe. Andy is, of course, a former federal prosecutor, who thoroughly understands the intricacies of the federal courts. “Politics is front and center in the Russiagate probe, which has reached previously unknown heights of farce.”

This week saw the spectacle of the House Judiciary Committee holding the attorney general of the United States in contempt for withholding Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report … notwithstanding that the report was actually provided to lawmakers.

Desperate to project the illusion of cover-up in the utter absence of cover-up, Democrats proceeded against the attorney general even though (a) Barr did not owe Congress a single comma in the report because federal law calls for it to be confidential (i.e., between the prosecutor investigating the case and his supervisor, the attorney general); (b) Barr nevertheless gave Congress about 95 percent of the report; (c) congressional Democrats did not avail themselves of the opportunity to read other unredacted portions to which he gave access; (d) all of the unsavory information about President Trump – i.e., the stuff in the report that Democrats truly care about – has been disclosed; and (e) Barr only withheld grand jury information which it would be illegal to disclose – meaning: Democrats put the AG to the untenable choice of violating the law or being held in contempt.

The special counsel not only found no collusion between Trump and Russia, but it now appears that the FBI’s investigation was opened on false pretenses.

The Democrat’s base is still mired deep in Trump Derangement Syndrome, and want Trump to be sent to prison or permanently disgraced or impeached or something awful, because they have been trained to hate Trump, while the rest of the country is basking in full employment and a booming economy.

But it isn’t about the economy, nor unemployment. It’a entirely about politics and returning the Democrats to power and control where they are convinced they belong. They will continue trying to manipulate the economy, the politics. the courts and the Constitution until they get the power they seek.

Do follow the link to watch the video.


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