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The Usual Argument Over Just Who Is Responsible by The Elephant's Child

The State of Alabama has passed a law limiting the right to an abortion, and Hollywood and feminists have erupted in fury. Nobody is talking sense, nor seems to have any understanding of the real issues. The issue is “a woman’s right to choose.” The problem is that the urge to get an abortion is mostly the result of a significant number of unfortunate choices.

Many feminists have long resented the ability of horny men to satisfy their urges without consequences, and cannot accept the fact that the female of the species is required by nature to be responsible. Modern society has provided all sorts of assistance, but if one ignores the availability of help – it seems a little crass to expect society to bail you out.

Many people believe that what a pregnancy produces is a new human being. Others believe it is merely a clump of cells of no particular value. This is not a resolvable problem. Casting aspersions on the religion of one side or the lack thereof of the other is distinctly unhelpful. Before Alabama passed their law, the Governor of Virginia was talking about letting the mother and her doctor decide whether to care for it or kill it, which after being born – becomes plain old murder.

There are significant women who find themselves unable to conceive, and desperately want to adopt. With more women working, our national birthrate has dropped far below the replacement rate. Do we force women back to the kitchen? Or import babies from countries with too big a birthrate – a Hollywood fad for a while.

It would seem it should be possible for good-hearted people to find a solution if they can examine the facts dispassionately, but then, quite possibly not. We could start by pointing out that Mother Nature demands that the female of the species  be responsible.

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Many people believe that what a pregnancy produces is a new human being.

Minor disagreement; that’s the scientific classification. (a new organism of the same species)

Perhaps “human person” would work better?

Either way, your point is correct, it’s not a resolvable problem, it’s a philosophical definition of what humans are persons, complicated by the rhetorical tendency to say “human” when we mean “person.”

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Comment by Foxfier

The mis-advocates continue to ignore the fact that the “choice” occurs when intercourse takes place. The rest of what happens is simply “the facts of life”. Apparently they are not taught in schools anymore.

There is no fool proof method of birth control beyond sterilization. All other methods simply have a failure rate which will still result in many, many conceptions and births.

A requirement that the father and mother support the child or give it up for infant adoption would, as you mention, probably fulfill women who can’t conceive and enhance the population growth (with less immigration).

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Comment by logicalchemist

Much of the abortion debate centers on “the right to choose” which for many means that they want the freedom that they believe men have to have casual sex whenever they choose, without worry. Adam and Eve aside, it would seem to be the nature of life that sex is arranged as it is. Women have made a great number of choices before they get to the moment when they discover themselves to be pregnant. I suspect the “failure rate” of all the many ways to avoid conceiving is vastly overstated, but I have not seen any convincing statistics. I have friends who have raised successful adoptive families. If women make a series of bad choices, I don’t think society has any obligation to bail them out — in reference to those who seem to think the government should pay for their abortions. Nor should those who see abortion at any stage as the killing of a human infant be forced to pay for it. so there should be limits. Women have an obligation to be responsible. Rape and incest should have abortion available. Otherwise, some limits.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

The CDC and planned parenthood both have both “typical use” and “perfect use,” they’re pretty accurate based on predicting outcomes for everything but Fertility Awareness. (Which they group with the calendar method.)


Comment by Foxfier

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