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The Problem of Illegal Immigration by The Elephant's Child


The bloviating and sheer ignorance out there are dismaying. President Trump suggests to Mexico that we need more cooperation from them with the flow of migrants from Central America and elsewhere. Is his complaint justified?

Mexico is throwing the gates on its Southern border open for the migrants,  and providing trucks and buses to make their long journey north more comfortable. Someone is giving the migrants directions to explain that traveling with children as a family will make them more apt to get in, instructing them to apply directly to the Border Patrol upon crossing the border and ask for asylum. That surely is not discouraging would-be immigrants. Someone is supplying smugglers to help them reach the border in the most opportune spots. Someone is arranging for children to be available to pose as family for border-crossers. So it is quite clear that Mexico is not making any noticeable attempt to interfere with would be migrants. The President of Mexico even announced that “America is for Migrants.”

Naturally this is portrayed in the media as a “Trade War”conducted by a crazed illegal president who knows not what he is doing. No, it is not. It is a reminder to Mexico that when we ask for their help, we do have other more harsh weapons in our portfolio, much as we would regret to have to rely on those. It is just a matter of making things clear for all concerned. We expect some cooperation.

Democrats assumed that simply refusing any funds for a border wall, accusing the president of abusing little children, showing pictures of little children in cages left over from the Obama administration, creating “Sanctuary Cities” so they can attract illegals to their cities and refuse to turn even the criminal illegals over to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) the official legal force dedicated to removing criminal aliens, which has been demonized thoroughly by the Left, as big meanies deporting nice immigrants who shouldn’t interfere because we are “a nation of immigrants.”

The Left wants more immigrants to be counted in the upcoming census to give them more Congressional representation, and more power, which is the reason for their existence.

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