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Democrats Keep Pushing For Open Borders — Why? by The Elephant's Child

Democrats are excoriating the Republicans for being mean to the poor Mexicans, but we’ve been through that before. Now Senators Feinstein, Van Hollen, Cardin, and Kaine are urging the Senate to pass protections for “Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and “Dreamers”– the “kids” to whom Obama illegally promised amnesty, because they just wanted to go to college and were dreaming of becoming real Americans. The oldest of the “kids”— are now 39.The senators have introduced the SECURE Act (Safe Environment from Countries Under Repression and in Emergency Act) which would allow qualified TPS and DED recipients to apply for legal permanent residency.

Well, we have already learned that illegals are told how to apply for amnesty, and what to say, that will get them in. Senator Cardin (D-Md) said  The Senate must act and the president must sign into law protection for Dreamers, who mostly have known no other country but America, as well as Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) recipients, many of whom have been here for decades as violence and repression continue to rage in their home country,” Forgive me, but I doubt whether the good senator has any idea where these people come from and what the conditions are in their home countries.

We have immigration laws. You apply at a consulate or embassy, follow the rules and wait your turn. We have figured out about how many new immigrants we can handle each year, then we have all the H-1B workers needed by various industries to work for less money than the locals will, and their wives and children, and there really are people fleeing vicious treatment by their governments, so why the push for more and more immigrants? Is there some reason why we are required to just let everybody in? Other countries have immigration laws too, some far more restrictive than ours.

I welcome legal immigrants and am glad to help them get started, but I am not friendly towards open borders and illegal border crossers. Democrats like to parrot phrases like “We are a nation of immigrants” and extoll all the contributions of earlier waves of immigration. Are new immigrants likely to vote Democrat, support higher taxes and not be in favor of those old outmoded things like the Constitution and the rule of law? Why do Lefties depend so much on feeeeelings?

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