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Never Fear, Common Sense Is Here! by The Elephant's Child

KOMO-TV reported last Wednesday that “a climate study has estimated that Seattle’s costs associated sea level rise could be more than $23.8 billion by 2040.”They said that the “Center for Climate Integrity conducted the evaluation of potential costs of constructing seawalls in 22 coastal states and the District of Columbia.”

Well, not so fast. Junk pointed out that while high water and/or flooding may be a future problem for Seattle, it won’t be because of sea level rise so much as subsidence.

The NOAA tidal gauge data shows that for the past 120 years or so the rise has been about 8 to9 inches–nothing unusual.

What is happening is that manmade activity (land use, groundwater withdrawal) is making Seattle subside. A 2016 study showed that “Fast subsidence in downtown of Seattle was observed with satellite radar.

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