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Victor Davis Hanson on “The Case For Trump” by The Elephant's Child

This was first posted in May, this year. I think it’s time to review it once again, because there is so much here and it is so valuable. Please watch the whole thing, you’ll be glad you did. It’s a long conversation, but you can spread it out over several days if need be.

Democrat Race-Baiters Struggle to Reach New Lows! by The Elephant's Child

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I suspect the Democrats are particularly worried at present about the black vote. President Trump’s economy has meant not only millions of Americans no longer needing food stamps, but near record employment for American blacks. Even kids are getting good jobs. In the midst of all this success, the conversation seems to be more than ever about race.

Politicians backgrounds are being examined under a magnifying glass to find any evidence of anybody wearing blackface — ever. No matter how long ago, nor under what circumstances. Just this last week, President Trump – who is admittedly not always delicate in his choice of words – but very fed up with the attacks from the press, tweeted that the impeachment inquiry was like a “lynching.” Of course the blogosphere and the airwaves erupted in partisan rage. How dare he appropriate a term that spoke of past horrors of American politics so casually. Outrage! Teeth Gnashings! And with only a few minutes digging, it turns out most Democrats have used the term, and fairly frequently at that.

But try to recall just how many politicians or elites have been found to have worn blackface at some point in the past. Every public remark that can be twisted a little to become a “racist remark” has been so twisted. Racial prejudice is at an all-time low, and the accusations of “White supremacy” are at an all-time high. In Chancellorsville, President Trump made a remark about the divide between people who wanted to tear down Confederate monuments and people who wanted to preserve them, as good people on each side and the whole thing was  twisted by the partisan press into a racist remark, which it was not. I lost two great (GG?) uncles on each side of the Civil War, and have a shortage of cousins as a result.

People who should know better go on at great length about “white supremacy”, yet I have never in my entire life seen or heard anyone seem aware of or interested in any such thing.  Since it is Halloween season, and a time for costume parties, costumes are regarded with intense interest to determine what it is that they “really” represent. It frankly does not seem to be Conservatives who are trying to make everything about race. “Reparations” are in style once again, as an obvious policy response to America’s “original sin of slavery and exploitation of African Americans”. It is hard for today’s Americans to realize that at the very beginning of our nation, slavery was pretty much the norm around the world, and people sold themselves into indentured servitude to get to America. Most of the Atlantic slave trade went to the Sugar Islands or South America, not to the United States.

No amount of penance can absolve the white man of the sins perpetuated against black humanity. This is the crux of critical race theory. There can never be appeasement.

Democrats are terrified that Black Americans will be grateful for low unemployment and plentiful jobs, even for young people, and recognize that the benefits came from the Trump economy. So Democrats are pulling out all the stops and trying to make the election all about race rather than about plentiful jobs, and a growing economy.

Bed, Bath and Beyond tried to get a little ahead in the celebration of Halloween and ghosts and ghoolies with some nice traditional pumpkins, updated.

Halloween comes in two colors, orange and black with a little white thrown in for ghosts and ghoolies. Orange jack 0’lanterns and black cats are fine, but an original twist must be “racist?” A one-minute search turned up this page.

The NAACP got involved in this one, at a law firm in Nyack, New York.  Bed Bath and Beyond quickly changed their pictures. Who Knew the extent of the Democrat Party’s rush to label anything and everything “racist” in their search for votes could extend so far. Mellow out people! No racial animosity intended.  Have a Happy Halloween, Carve your pumpkins in a traditional manner, or try something new. Who knows what that will turn up?

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