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AAAARGH!!! by The Elephant's Child

Forgive me, but I want to rant a bit! I HATE PASSWORDS! I did business with this outfit two or three years ago, wrote down the password in my little password notebook, but it seems that is not actually my password, because (???) it doesn’t work. Well, then, they have my special verification clues, which apparently is the name of my best man or matron of honor at my wedding a couple hundred years ago. But that doesn’t work, and which one did they want — male or female, They don’t accept either one. So we start all over with sending codes and emails and new passwords. Supposedly I gave then the name of my “favorite author” as a verification back in the distant past. Favorite author? I was an English major, I do not now or ever have favorite authors. It depends on what I just read and whether I liked it or not, and I read all the time. And all this was for a very unimportant $10.00 purchase.

Does anyone else have this difficulty with passwords and verification? Or is it a universal complaint? Didn’t some federal person just become a laughingstock recently because his password was “password”? Oh do, please, tell me your horror stories so I won’t feel so alone in my rage.

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I hear you. Sadly, we’re stuck with this way of the world for a while, if not forever. What I do is make sure I record all passwords and “secret” info in 1Password. There are others like 1Password, but I settled on that years ago and never changed. And for “secret” info, I rarely tell the truth as to expose that information is in itself a bit of a security risk. I record my “secret” info in 1Password. I just look it up when needed.

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Comment by rms

Not only do I also have that issue, I think it’s a major security risk– because they demand so much information, and people DO end up using the same passwords.

Two-step verification is slightly better.


Given the time, they probably locked your password from lack of use, and then the attempts to use the clues (I’ve seen them error out over spaces) further lock the account.


Comment by Foxfier

Oh, route we went?

Wrote down the answers, it’s in our safe. Because I, too, can’t choose a “favorite author.” It’s like favorite food– favorite food for WHAT?


Comment by Foxfier

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