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Was Darwin Wrong About the Origin of Species? by The Elephant's Child

Perhaps you have noticed on the web, some remarks about scholars challenging Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Here they are with the Hoover Institute’s Peter Robinson, explaining their deviance from what has been scientific orthodoxy. This is a fascinating and very interesting video, probing some of the country’s sharpest minds, though as it happens when all were in Italy:David Berlinsky, David Gerlernter, and Stephen Meyer. Enjoy, it’s very much worth your time.

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It is an interesting talk and confirms the idea that life arose spontaneously by random chance is not a good hypothesis.

Summarizing what I wrote elsewhere, possible bacteria have been detected in rocks as much as 3.5 billion years old. So, life has evolved is a best guess. It is also possible that bacteria, possibly even tardigrades, came via meteor. In another possibility, many particles in the biosphere have highly organized surfaces. Todaysome are used as catalysts in reactions. It is quite possible that the initial energy capturing molecule, a very simple one, evolved by chance. Lab experiments have shown that simple energy chemicals can exist and have been synthesized “naturally”.

From that first step it is not hard to see how the energy could be used to further structure the surface and catalyse different molecules and eventually build some kind of information capture molecule that could preserve the system.

Ab Initio generation of complex proteins and carbohydrates by random chance is not a necessity for either the beginning of life or it’s evolution.`


Comment by logicalchemist

Darwin wasn’t wrong because the three commenting tried to overturn a theory that wasn’t Darwin’s. Darwin’s theory, both from present day animals and their differences an the discoveries of ancient beasts(fossils) was that plants and animals evolve-change over time. And he was at a loss because DNA and it’s relationship to how genetic information is stored hadn’t been invented yet.

The conversation is all about how the appearance of complicated organic molecules by random chance is impossible. It would take longer than the age of the universe. Darwin did not propose random chance as the driver. He was trying, and failed, to discover the mechanism. His theory of evolution wasn’t wrong, but incomplete.


Comment by logicalchemist

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