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Bad News for Democrats, Good News for the People by The Elephant's Child


Democrats in general, do not understand tax cuts. They understand raising taxes which means the government has more money to do stuff with. Which stuff, they will determine later. They are outraged by the idea of cutting the taxes of rich people. They are especially enraged by the idea of cutting corporate taxes. If you understand this basic mindset, you can understand why the Left says and thinks the things they do.

The popular idea presently among those on the Left is for tuition-free college education. That will bring in the votes of the younger people and their parents, who are terrified of the cost of college. How this is to be managed doesn’t seem to enter the discussion. Colleges have their campus and libraries and labs, playing fields and gyms to support. Professors believe firmly that they should be paid just as much as corporate heads. After all they, the professors, all have PhDs. How all this is to be paid for under a tuition-free regime is a question to which none of them seem to provide an answer. It’s about buying votes.

Conservatives frequently explain that cutting taxes for a business means that business can hire more people, add new products, make improvements in operations or expand. Leftists don’t understand why this might be a good thing. That hiring or building make the economy grow just doesn’t seem to penetrate.

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