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Trump’s Davos Speech About the U.S Economy by The Elephant's Child
January 21, 2020, 4:43 pm
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Here is President Donald Trump’s speech at Davos, explaining and extolling the booming economy in our country. Democrats, of course, sneer. The Left believes that you win votes by buying them with federal money, raised from the rich and big corporations. They are telling us currently that is what they intend to do, and what their gifts will do for us.

Unfortunately, they are either unaware or disinclined to be interested in the simple fact that the federal government has no money of its own, and raising money by sharply increasing the taxes on the rich and on big corporations will also cut back on economic activity. Slightly lowering everybody’s taxes, including business and corporations and even the rich, leaves them with more money to create, invest, grow, expand and hire. Those activities are what makes an economy grow and a society prosper.
The increased economic activity will mean that even with lowered tax rates, the federal government will see increased tax receipts.

Governments may be needed to pass the laws necessary to a functioning society, but they also have the tendency to believe themselves indispensable, that the members of the government are entitled to special favors, and enriching themselves and their families is simply what they deserve. So it’s necessary to keep a tight rein on government, just as they keep a tight rein on the people. Human nature is not always benevolent. An alert and informed public is necessary to keep everybody in line.

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