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Coronavirus: What You Need to Know And Where to Find It by The Elephant's Child

Of course we should have expected it, but it’s hard to attribute such lowlife characteristics to your fellow Americans. Democrats are now blaming President Trump for failing to prepare enough or even adequately for the advent of the Coronavirus. Trump Derangement Syndrome knows no limits. Nancy Pelosi is leading the charge. Seeking political advantage out of any occurrence in the world just comes naturally, I guess. The president’s quick action to prevent travelers coming from China, closing the border made a good start. People at real risk have been quarantined.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) activated its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) on Monday, January 20, 2020 in order to support public health partners in responding to the outbreak caused by a new coronavirus first identified in Wuhan, China.

Here is the website for the CDC with what you should know: How it spreads, the symptoms, prevention, and treatment, testing and constant situation updates. There is information for communities, schools and businesses, healthcare professionals, health departments and travelers. Go to the most authoritative source for correct information, read it all twice, and refer back often for updates.

President Trump Goes to India by The Elephant's Child

Of course, the obligatory visit to the Taj Mahal, a stunningly beautiful building built of white marble. It is a mausoleum on the south bank of the Yamuna river in the Indian city of Agra.

It was commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan who reigned from 1628 to 1658, to house the tomb of his favorite wife, Muntaz Mahal, and also contains the tomb of Shah Jahan himself. It is the centerpiece of 42 acres that contains a mosque and a guest house, and is set in formal gardens bounded on three sides by a crenellated wall. Muntaz Mahal died while giving birth to their 14th child in 1631. Her death left the emperor heartbroken, and his hair was said to have turned grey overnight. The construction began in 1632.

Here are the pictures from the President’s visit It’s fun to scroll through them. There’s a picture that’s my favorite of a man mounted on a camel, man and camel decorated lavishly with flowers. The camel seems to be smiling in a funny grin, and the gentleman riding him is carrying a Tuba, which he obviously plays at some point.

When you reach the end, do not click on the <2 or 3> which is just a repeat of what you already saw, unless, of course you want to see it all again.

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