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I had read that the Democrats were planning to attack Trump for being late with his recognition of the dangers of the Corona virus. Now he is being criticized for his briefings. I suspect that he believes that it is his duty to report on progress to the American people. The media are usually baiting and hostile, and the president is seldom of a mind to let them get away with it. Lots of criticism for Dr. Blix and Dr. Fauci for not giving the answers the press wanted.

”The Wall Street Journal reported that according to a “premier Biology Journal”  the Wuhan virus can’t be tied to China.  Odd, since the presence of the virus in America came from an American returning home to a relative in a nursing home in Kirkland, a mile or so north of us, directly from Wuhan, China, and passing the virus on to all of the residents, most of whom died. Also infected some of the staff, and nearby Evergreen Hospital where the patients were treated.

We seem to have passed on from the phase when people wanted to find out about the disease, how to treat it and what to expect, to a new phase where they want answers right now. When will this be over? Some doctors are saying that it’s no worse than the flu, If you had  it and recovered, can you get it again? When will we have a vaccine? and will it be mass produced? Doubt about the “models”. It’s getting belligerent out there. Possibly it has sunk in that the kids are going to be out of school until next fall, and have to be home schooled, entertained, and cared for. Saw a cartoon recently that showed two small children, a boy and a girl, taped to the hardwood floor at home, apparently while the beleaguered parents take a break.

I think this is the way we usually set in to an unpleasant period. First you’re eager for more information, then you get a bit angry at not receiving the answers desired, and then you gradually settle in to just endure.

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I think the biggest problem we had was about 3? weeks ago we heard the first computer prediction from an Institute in the UK that in part said the US would be facing up to 2million deaths from the virus. Pandemonium and lockdowns. 2 days later that was retracted and using new data the number went down to 100,000. That lasted most of the week. The next forecast was 80,000, then 60,000. Finally maybe as low as 20,000.

The lower numbers put this right in line with the current flue season and means we overturned our economy on one preliminary, untested, uncorroborated computer forecast.

Who should we sue?

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Comment by logicalchemist

I heard Dr. Birx say in one of the briefings that the underlying virus is not flu, but the virus from the common cold, but I haven’t seen anyone else mention that. FEE notes that mass surveillance is spreading along with the Covid-19. Also go to under Hoover Daily Report, you’ll see The Fight Against Covid, an interview with Jay Bhattacharya who is both a Dr, of Medicine and a PhD in Economics. That will give you something to do in Covid Confinement!


Comment by The Elephant's Child

The common cold is most often a corona virus.
The common flu that is ravaging the country along with the corona virus is some variation of an HxNx virus. There are also many of those and it includes the Aids virus. Some variations are as deadly or worse than the current corona virus.


Comment by logicalchemist

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