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An Idea Worth Pursuing, With Changes. by The Elephant's Child

I have seen suggestions online for a CoronaVirus Museum. Presumably, what is meant is a formally designated and funded repository for everything we have learned so far about this virus, how it should be treated and what has worked in practice and what has not, rather than a formal memorial to those who lost their lives to the virus.

I think most people who are inclined to “study up”, (my designation for those who try to find more information as opposed to those who don’t like to read and get their information from headlines and what is said by other people), would recognize the need for an ongoing centralized repository for pandemic information.

The underlying suggestion, however is important. For example, I thought from what I read that the Corona Virus belonged in the flu family, and we were told to treat it like the flu, the models seemed to be based on the flu, but according to Dr. Birx, that is not so, it is based on the common cold virus. We still do not know the origin beyond the fact that it came from Wuhan, China. We don’t know if it came from the “wet food” market where they eat cats, dogs and bats and such, or if it came from the Communist Chinese laboratories there, or the University there. And the Communist Chinese government has not been forthcoming with information. Communists don’t like anything that reflects poorly on Communists. We have learned that we should not be purchasing any of our medications from other countries, but making our own. China has undercut our market prices for anything they want to sell to the world, and we Capitalists always go for saving money.

The Federal Government has turned over the management of virus response to the States, and we are beginning to learn what has worked and what has not. Some governors actions made things worse. After all the howling for more hospital space, some of the military hospital installations have never seen a single patient. After all the outcry about the need for ventilators, we have way more than was needed. We need to know what we need to have in storage awaiting another pandemic. And we need to have all the information we have gathered in one or two designated locations, probably something like the University of Washington’s virus model on which everyone is depending, or the University of Pittsburgh’s Medical School which seems to be authoritarian. But we need our best knowledge funded and saved and sorted and available on short notice.

A lot of countries will be rethinking their supply chains. Italy, for example, was heavily dependent on China for everything from food to fashion, and paid a heavy price. An Israeli doctor working in Italy said that they had just decided to deny hospitalization to anyone over 70, and Italy had the oldest population in Europe.

My congressman has sent weekly e-mails on how to react to the virus. I will be writing to suggest legislation establishing formal repositories for what we have learned from this pandemic and funding the gathering and availability of that knowledge. Please consider contacting your own congressman for the same purpose. At present Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats are intent on funding the winning of the next election, rather than anything helpful.

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