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How Will This All Play Out? by The Elephant's Child

I keep wondering just how this home confinement is all going to play out. People online are talking about their daytime pajamas and their nighttime pajamas. Everybody seems to be working from home, mostly not too successfully, at least to those who are trying to contact their business.

When the economy “opens back up” will people want to go back to their place of business or will they prefer to work from home, and how will that work out. I notice the clothes that are being advertised online are very loose and unfitted, and the men working from home, if visible online, seem to have a shirt and tie on with their pajama pants.

Will grocery stores have to regroup as more people want their groceries delivered? Some stores are allowing only a few people in at a time, others have made their aisles one way, to avoid people having to pass each other. I have no idea, but I suspect that there will be big changes gradually. Just idle speculation in this very strange period. I’m not thinking in terms of politics, nor coming elections, just from the home confinement and working from home part. Of course it’s quite different for city apartment dwellers, some in very small apartments, from those with big suburban lawns. What do you think? Do we just return to the world as we knew it, unchanged? Or has something shifted permanently?

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