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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: A Day Like All Days Lately by The Elephant's Child

Male Pupil Studying At Desk In Classroom

Today was spent like all days, altering and illuminating the corona virus and shutdowns and openings, protests and complaints, all of which were profuse. So many absolutist pronouncements, and yet we know so little. The schools are currently shut. Some towns or cities have found creative ways to honor their graduates, one city enlarged  individual photographs of each of the graduates, and lined them up along the highway (or street) to honor them, which seemed a little special and something the graduates might remember fondly.

The New York Times, the infamous paper of record, published the 1619 project designed to rewrite American History by claiming that the American Revolution was fought to protect the institution of slavery, which to anyone actually familiar with American history knows is nonsense, but their effort is designed to purposely rewrite history into a form more likely to favor Democrat aims, for the New York Times is a wholly owned subsidiary of Democratic Party thought. Then the book of the 1619 project was published, and won a Pulitzer Prize, compounding the error.

Much discussion about the schools and when will they open, will there be school in the fall, and different states are doing all sorts of different things, none of which seem to recognize that in many cases both parents work. Elementary schools are centers of every passing virus, and adding the coronavirus to the mix seems at the very least, fairly inauspicious. Kids seem to be much less susceptible to the virus, there are almost no records of any deaths amongst the nation’s children, but we don’t want to be asking for trouble, and many note that they can carry the disease home to grandparents who are susceptible. The worry is obviously compounded by not knowing.

Compounding again, it seems that many of the nations’ schools are planning to include the 1619 Project¬† in their curriculum. Anyone out there who has kids in K-12 schools in this country needs to be aware of that, and ready to march on school board meetings and raise a bit of hell. Democrats do not want people extolling the founding, the Constitution, or the independence of America. That kind of thinking just does not go well with their aims, which seem to revolve entirely about being permanently in control, which used to be considered as something other than the American spirit.

Other than that, having been the Nation’s first location for the corona virus here in Washington State in a nursing home a mile or so to the north in Kirkland, Washington is now the Nation’s first location for the Asian Murder Hornet, a two inch long, extremely nasty insect, devoted to destroying honeybees. Found near the Canadian border in Blaine. Entomologists are on the case, and hoping to destroy them before they spread. Need some good news? California Governor Gavin Newsom has been sued for offering $75 million in tax dollars to Illegal Immigrants.


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