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Peaceful Protest? Haven’t Seen One Yet. by The Elephant's Child

Well. Take a nation full of cranky people tired of being cooped up by the Covid-19 virus shutdowns, not being able to get what they ordered from the grocery store because other people are apparently hoarding, kids at home going crazy because there is no school, and they are bored, and can’t even go to the park,  college kids home from the universities without summer jobs, everybody pours out into the streets to have a nice peaceful protest.

We know it is a peaceful protest because the media have told us every few minutes that it is a “peaceful protest” as we watch the riots online. You can watch as the “peaceful protesters” beat on the windows of the music shop until it finally gives and they push their way through to reemerge with free brand new guitars which seem to be the most popular instrument. Watch the protesters set Police Cars on fire, looters breaking into every shop that promises to have goods worth stealing, rioters wanting to tear down everything to demonstrate their personal anger, over the death of someone they don’t know. Officials at every level are virtue-signaling like crazy for fear that someone will blame them. They hardly know how to respond to the demands. Abolish the Police Force, Get rid of the mayor. Kill the Pigs!

Sunday has been another day of violence and protests. How much of it is a result of the nation’s college kids home from school, unemployed, confined by the Covid-19 shutdown remains to be seen, but the protesters do seem to be of that general age. Their universities have taught them all sorts of socialist nonsense and they don’t even understand the Constitution, let alone our history. We fought a war over slavery and eliminated it.

Undoubtedly just a coincidence. Minneapolis suffered a lot of damage, buildings burned down, the Third Precinct, home to the police who encountered George Floyd was burned as were many of the adjacent buildings if I understand what I read.

The answer the rioters have come up with is to abolish the police. Just not have police anymore, then we won’t have all this trouble with bad policemen. Brilliant. Why didn’t we think of that before? If we just get rid of the police, then they cannot arrest innocent Blacks and put them in prison. Black lives matter! Easy solution.

The Democrats in Congress are now busy drafting “the most sweeping national police reform bill in  history,” which essentially will give the activists all their little hearts desire. So there you go, what more could you possibly want?

A little crisis going on, and you find out just what your public officials are made of, and it’s not pretty. Pay close attention, for if they behave badly in this situation, you can’t expect much in another and should perhaps look for better representation. The Democrats in the House are determined to demonstrate their outrage too, they might lose some black votes if they don’t.

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I’m going to say something controversial:

It is my opinion that the rioting and lock downs were used as a means to self enrich a certain class of individuals in this country, the ultra rich who are liberals. Remember what President Madison said in Federalist Paper 62 regarding these people who manipulate the laws for their selfish benefit on the backs of the public.

Who does the rioting and burning benefit? Not the Black community much less society. George Soros is reputed to fund Antifa. How does Soros make his money? The arbitrage of currency, a money changer. What typically happens to a country’s currency when social unrest occurs? It drops against the other currencies. Is it a stretch to conceive that George Soros paid Antifa to engage in violent actions in order to destabilize the currency markets in his favor? The SEC and DOJ should be all over this connection to see if Soros and others made money on these events. Remember, George Soros was bragging he ran a game on the British Pound Sterling years ago. Who else funded Antifa?

Who benefited from the lockdowns? Not the Black community much less all the small business owners. Isn’t it interesting that many of the big money players benefited by small businesses not being allowed to compete against them? Jeff Bezos of Amazon benefited most of all. What are Jeff Bezos connections to the Democrat Party and specially the Democrat governors who unreasonably kept their States locked down like Michigan? Isn’t it interesting the governors of these states engaged in arbitrary designations like essential vs non essential giving guidelines that a allowed these “essential” businesses to stay open when IF these same guidelines were followed for non essential businesses would have had the same public health effect? Isn’t it interesting that science has shown that sunlight (UV rays) kills the virus in 2 minutes but outside activities like lawn care, boating, pools are prohibited and telling people to stay at home … inside?

In my opinion, if it is found that George Soros made a boat load of money on the US Dollar, he should be held financially liable for ALL the property damage and theft from every business owner. His assets should be seized to pay for his greed. And not just his assets should be seized but every organization/business that contributed to Antifa, under the legal doctrine of “joint and several.”

If it is found that Jeff Bezos made major contributions and indirect contributions via PACs that support these specific governors, his assets should be seized as well, to specifically make all the unemployed people and States whole for the lost wages (including lost income tax receipts on those wages) and government expenditures related to the lockdowns.

Who funds antifa:

“Adam Swart, founder and CEO of COD is literally responsible for most of the organization of individuals gathered for each BLM and ANTIFA riot in the US since his firm does most of the advertising for recruiting rioters and is the company who pays most of them anywhere from $15.00 to $75.00 per hour to take part in nationwide protests.

Of course, George Soros funds these organizations as well as BLM and ANTIFA, and Barack H Obama is responsible for originally organizing BLM and ANTIFA.”

The Full List – Here Are The 269 Companies Who Are Supporting BLM & Antifa Riots

This is my message to Attorney General Barr, the DOJ and the FBI: Hold everyone accountable!!!!

I strongly urge all the small business owners who suffered financial and property damages from the riots file suit against George Soros, Antifa and every financial supporter of Antifa in a class action law suit in Federal court. Let the subpoenas fly!


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