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The Independent State of CHAZ on Capitol Hill by The Elephant's Child

There is today, unsurprisingly, a remarkable amount of conversation in the press about race. The protests have spilled out internationally to England, to the European continent and to Australia and South America, and maybe other locations. Lots of tearing down statues and fiery speeches.

I live in a Seattle suburb, so the construction on an “independent state” which has seceded from the rest of the country, is of particular interest to the press who are always breathtakingly waiting for a happening, and usually have to settle for what some so-called celebrity has to say, and about which nobody cares at all.

Our Governor, Jay Inslee, having extremely unsuccessfully run for the presidency, was surprised to be questioned about the new autonomous state in the largest city in his state. He seemed entirely unaware of its existence, which is a little embarrassing when the press in the rest of the country is more informed than he is.

The Antifa people displaced a bunch of homeless who were occupying the sidewalks in the six block area they had claimed as their state, so they invited them in. But quickly complained when the homeless had eaten all their food, so they had to appeal to their friends on the outside to buy them some food, preferably vegan with meat substitutes. It’s the little details that make this all so fascinating.

There are around 500 people who live in the area, and the city has provided a fire truck in case things get out of hand. They are trying to charge the businesses in their new state rent, (they have to find a way to pay for the food) but that is actually a crime like entrapment or something. Lots of demands, but they have already invaded City Hall, so there’s not much left to invade, and nobody is paying any attention to their demands.

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I noticed they had put up a “feelings station”. Getting ready for a visit from Ol’ Slow Joe Biden, maybe?

I was thinking, if they really are serious about this, as I’m sure the think they are, and Inslee really wants to help, there’s a place about an hour away, maybe a little more, that has power and water infrastructure in place, and is largely unused at the moment.

McNeil Island.

There’s even some suitable buildings there.


Comment by Lon Mead

I had to look McNeil Island up, I’d forgotten about it completely. No, our Gov Inslee just wants the problem to go away, He really really doesn’t want to have to do anything about it, and Seattle’s Mayor Durkan is about the same caliber. They’re trying to pretend that its something left over from the Summer of Love or something like that. Apparently incapable of grasping the meaning of “defunding the police”. It’s only a 6 block square area, Capitol Hill is home to Seattle U. and hospitals, lots of apartments. It’s not downtown Seattle. It is, of course, all just posturing for publicity. I’m getting really sick of it. We’ll be lucky if most of the Police don’t just quit and look for a job where their efforts are appreciated.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

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