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Portland Antifa Tried to Do Their Own “CHOP”. Didn’t Go Well. by The Elephant's Child

A Judge here in Seattle has approved a potential recall election for Mayor Jenny Durkan. Portland tried out doing their own “CHOP” atonomous community, unfortunately they did it right in downtown Portland, and it didn’t go well. They attempted to seize property the same way anarchists tried to on Capitol Hill in Seattle, and called the area the Chinook Land Autonomous Territory (CLAT) since the land was allegedly stolen from Native Americans. Clat lasted only about 35 or 36 hours. How Come?

Antifa has been terrorizing Portland for years, and sending adherents up to Seattle when there was something useful going on here. They burned the Elk statue, shot off fireworks and other incendiary devices at the federal courthouse, and some rioters carried firearms. But last night the police cleared out Chapman Square Park and Lownsdale Square Park where they had set up the CAT. Police closed down the parks at 5:10 a.m, and gave them ten minutes to leave the park. Nine individuals were arrested for trespass and disorderly conduct.



Police reported that the parks will remain closed until necessary repairs are made, and the Police Bureau will asist other Portland City bureaus to repair, lawns, bathrooms, benches and public art (The elk?).

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) didn’t seem like the type to put down a lawless occupation, but President Trump sent federal troops to help restore order, Wheeler accused the president of having “escalated” the violence. Which is similar to the response of Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) and Mayor Jenny Durkan(D)  to Trump’s demand that they restore order immediately, insisting that it woudl be “illegal and unconstitutional” to quell an illegal rebellion.  Lots of damage to local businesses in Seattle, who are suing the city for the damage. Cities do have some responsibility to maintain order, which local Democrats don’t seem to appreciate.

Revolution and Mayhem, Strange Times Indeed! by The Elephant's Child

What a strange time this seems to be becoming. Things seemed to be normal and unusual only with the advent of the Chinese COVID-19 virus and the resulting pandemic. And suddenly we are in the midst of some sort of revolution. Protests, riots, looting, secession (here in Seattle, but over) Mass attacks on statues! Everything is racism. Our whole society is racist and we have to go back and eliminate the Confederacy all over again. Also to be eliminated is any sign of racism, like wearing blackface at any point in one’s history, and of course we have to remove all funding for the police across the country, and allow any criminals to do whatever it is they wish to do, because police are suddenly the bad guys.

The murder rates in Chicago continue to rage on the weekends, and Mr. DeBlasio, intending to demonstrate, I guess, how ‘woke’ he is, reduced the funding for the police and “surprisingly” the murder rate in New Your City has climbed significantly. Everything offends. American is no longer the shining city on the hill, but the evil nation that once had slavery instead of being the nation that had a major war to get rid of it.

The fact that it is an election year does not help matters. Accusations of ‘racism’ are, one presumes, designed to help or hinder as the case may be.  But even as everyone comments or protests, everyone seems to recognize that something is more than a little off kilter. Here’s Matt Taibbi with “Year Zero:”

It’s the Fourth of July, and revolution is in the air. Only in America would it look like this: an elite-sponsored Maoist revolt, couched as a Black liberation movement whose canonical texts are a corporate consultant’s white guilt self-help manual, and a New York Times series rewriting history to explain an election they called wrong.

Much of America has watched in quizzical silence in recent weeks as crowds declared war on an increasingly incoherent succession of historical symbols. Maybe you nodded as Confederate general Albert Pike was toppled or even when Christopher Columbus was beheaded, but it got a little weird when George Washington was emblazoned with “Fuck Cops” and set on fire, or when they went after Ulysses S. Grant, abolitionist Colonel Hans Christian Heg, “Forward,” (a seven-foot-tall female figure meant to symbolize progress), the Portland, Oregon “Elk statue,” or my personal favorite, the former slave Miguel de Cervantes, whose cheerful creations Don Quixote and Sancho Panza were apparently mistaken for reals and had their eyes lashed red in San Francisco.

One could point out that what this all points to is the failure of our schools, who seem not to have taught our young people much of anything. Whether they decide to open the schools or not, you’d better stock up on history books and do some major home schooling.

As far as that goes, the media seems to need some major home schooling as well. I am really enjoying Kayleigh McEnany and her ability to take on the inane Capitol press.

If memory serves, there is supposedly an ancient Chinese curse, that says something like “May you live in interesting times.” I suspect we have been cursed.

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