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Dirty Politics, or Playing the Blame Game by The Elephant's Child
September 30, 2020, 2:32 am
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Politics is really heating up, and it’s going to be a dirty year. The Left seems to believe that they can blame Donald Trump for the Corona Virus and all the deaths that have resulted from that very scary disease. I must remind you once again that Trump acted promptly at the first sign of the virus a couple of miles north of my house when someone returning from Wuhan, China to visit their relatives in a senior care home, infected not only their relatives, but most of the staff of the care facility.

President Trump promptly banned all flights from China to a huge outcry from the Left about racial prejudice, xenophobia, bigotry, ethnocentrism, racial hatred against Asians, intolerance etc.etc. etc. We didn’t know what the virus was, what it did to those infected, nor what the prognosis was.

Governors begged for equipment and hospital beds. Trump persuaded automobile companies to switch some of their production to making ventilators. Everybody, it seems, started making masks, decorated in all sorts of unlikely ways. Everybody started making hand sanitizer. Runs on grocery stores for every kind of cleaning products from soap to bleach, Clorox, toilet paper, paper towels. There were nearly riots over toilet paper. Trump sent Hospital ships to Los Angeles and New York.  Doctors didn’t know how to treat it at first, but relied on their basic knowledge of viruses and epidemics, and we slowly have learned. Countries all over the world had to learn what this was and how to deal with it. Italy had a bad time because of their numbers of elderly people.The hospital tents set up so urgently were never used.

We had the Swedish child who sailed to the United States to address the United Nations because she got school kids to skip school to protest. San Francisco painted a building in her honor, although she didn’t seem to know anything relevant at all. It was from bats, it was produced in a Wuhan lab, it came from miners who got it from bats, we still don’t know much about what it is and how to deal with it efficiently. Some suspect it is a deliberate Chinese attack. I don’t think you can effectively blame Donald Trump. He acted quickly on the best available advice. We have learned a lot about how to deal with a pandemic, but there no quick and easy answers. Trying to blame the President for all the coronavirus deaths is just another round of Democrat dirty politics.

Now they are trying to suggest that any vaccine cooked up by Trump may be dangerous, and should not be trusted. Really? Sometimes you just go too far.

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