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CATO Has Reported on the Nation’s Governors: by The Elephant's Child
October 6, 2020, 3:35 am
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“The Cato Institute has published their annual report on the nation’s governors. They say “Governors play a key role in state fiscal policy. They propose budgets, recommend tax changes, and sign or veto tax and spending bills. When the economy is growing, governors can use rising revenues to expand programs or they can return extra revenues to the public through tax cuts. When the economy is stagnant and budget deficits appear, governors can respond by raising taxes or trimming spending. “

“The report rates governors on their fiscal policies from a limited government perspective. Governors receiving an A are those who have cut taxes and spending the most, whereas governors receiving an F have raised taxes and spending the most. “

There were only four governors who received an A. New Hampshire’s Chris Sununu (R) received the highest score at 75. He Was followed by Iowa’s Kim Reynolds (R) with a score of 71, then Nebraska’s Pete Ricketts (R) 70. then Wyoming’s Mark Gordon (R) 66, followed by Arkansas’ Asa Hutchinson (R) with a score of 64.

If you don’t find your governor on this list, you may like to see the whole list from Cato, and find the score for your own state. You probably have a good idea about how your own governor will rate, or you just may want to confirm your own opinion.

There are only 4 A’s, 9 B’s, 13 C’s, 14 D’s, and 7 F’s. Our own Washington State Governor Jay Inslee (D) ranked dead last with a score of 18, and a resounding F. All the governors who received A’s were Republicans, all the governors who received F’s were Democrats. The Cato Institute is firmly Libertarian.

You can find the whole article here, and it’s really quite interesting and possibly useful, if you are getting sick of your state. There have been numerous articles on people leaving their state for a new and different one, and a little search should turn one up. Cato has used the same grading method since 2008. Republican and Democrat governors have had average scores around the middle of the range. When the economy is rowing and state coffers filling up, Democrats tend to increase spending, while Republicans tend to increase spending and cut taxes. Democrat governors often pursue tax increases to balance their budgets., while Republicans put more focus on spending restraint. There are some big budget gaps out there and we’ll see what happens.

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