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Just grousing about the election… by The Elephant's Child

Day two, and we still have no idea about the real and actual outcome of the election, and not much indication about when we will know. All sorts of accusations going around. Ignore them. There are massive attempts to cheat, there always are. Most don’t amount to much, but some are real and troublesome. This year, even the issues are unstable as well.

Climate is a big issue. Some expect the overheating of the earth to end human civilization sometime soon, if we don’t “do something”. The “do something” is exemplified by California’s demand that everyone switch to electric cars, while their forests burn uncontrolled because they can’t practice good forest management which would involve thinning the forests (allowing some logging) and clearing brush. Climate activists don’t want anybody cutting down trees, and so you get fires. There are often not any easy answers that would  please everyone.

I am a skeptic. The climate has been changing for millions of years. We have had ice ages and warm periods. The Renaissance, that great period of human flowering, took place in the most beneficent weather known to man. Ice ages carved the mountains and lakes that we currently call  National Parks. I’m not sure just what created the Sahara Desert, but there it is.  The current slight warming that we have experienced has meant more CO2 in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is plant food. The slight increase in CO2 has meant more bountiful crops, feeding a hungry world.

Human beings are a mess. A little knowledge, as they say, is a dangerous thing, and we have all those emotions to cope with, and the day to day difficulty of getting along with everyone else. Our sources of information are problematic, slanted, sometimes completely wrong, and we have to sort out what we can accept out of the flow of words and pictures, and try to make sense of them. Add in a major election, and passions erupt, cheating increases (there is always cheating). Somebody just got hauled off to the pokey for trying to vote more than once as his dead grandmother, and how many times is that repeated across the country? People vote in their city of residence, and also in their city of vacation home. And that doesn’t even count the deliberate cheating of the opposing party.

People want a more caring government which promises to give you more benefits, but the government has no money of its own. so it has to increase your taxes to pay for the benefits. Because you have less money to spend, the economy contracts, small businesses fail, and  the cycle is repeated. They envy “the rich” who don’t have to worry about such things, and want to get rid of capitalism which creates “the rich” without understanding that if they are promising to destroy capitalism, the alternative is socialism or communism, and we have had some clear examples of that with Cubans who set out in their rowboats or rafts to try to get to America which promises them nothing but the freedom to make of themselves what they can.

The right to rise, I call it. That’s what that young black kid who walked three miles every day to get to the public library where a librarian would help him with his homework did. His 3 miles a day got him acceptance at 22 colleges, and I’ll bet when he arrived at the one he picked, he’s working hard to learn. I hope we get updates on that young man, but we’ll probably never know.

I saw a snippet of something online the other day, in which a contemporary British citizen was saying that he could not aspire to something or other because he was just a lower class person. That shocked me. But we hear that repeated in this country — “I’m just a working-class stiff.” O.K. but what do you want to be and how hard are you willing to work to get there? That is the real meaning of freedom of America.

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To the rank and file Democrat, climate change is at the bottom of their list of issues. Only the rabid minority are particularly interested.

What peaks my interest is the popular vote, how is it that Biden has racked up a reported 71 million votes to Trump’s 69 million???? A total of 140 million and counting… approx. difference of 2 million votes

In 2016, Clinton received 65,844,610 and Trump received 62,979,636 for around a total of 129 million votes with a difference of 2.86 million votes between the two of them.

Where did the extra 11 million votes come from in just a span of 4 years from 2016 to 2020? Are we actually saying voter turn out increased that much?


Comment by Dscott

Yes indeed. Democrats have been anxiously including illegal aliens in the voter rolls, and are determined to increase immigration to accomplish that. And they were trying to lower the voting age to 16. but Americans who had been parents of 16 yr. olds said forget it!.

And don’t forget, AOC and Joe Biden and Kamala are all pushing for the “Green New Deal”, though it has been well proven that wind and solar do not produce enough energy to power a modern society.


Comment by The Elephant's Child

A guide to understanding election fraud in 2020

True the Vote Lawsuit: Dead People, Felons Voted Illegally in Michigan

“The lawsuit cites reports claiming that about 10,000 dead people returned mail-in ballots to vote in Michigan.”

IF that many dead people can be voted for in 1 state, then who did the actual voting for them? This isn’t merely a practical joke by a few people, that’s an organized effort.

“In one instance alleged in the lawsuit, a software glitch in Antrim County allegedly caused at least 6,000 ballots to be counted for Democrats that were actually supposed to go to Republicans. The lawsuit claims 69 of Michigan’s 83 counties use the same software.”

IF this was just a glitch randomly caught by one conscientious election worker, then the whole of the computer program results are suspect. That requires a hand recount. In fact, given this alone, Dominion Systems needs to be de-certified to handle any vote counting.


Comment by Dscott

Update on voting numbers:

Biden at 77,964,538
Trump at 72,647,090
* from CNN on 11/13/20

approx 150,600,000+ so far for 2020
approx 129,000,000 2016

Increase of 21,600,000 MORE THAN 2016, four years ago

What’s more disturbing is the difference between the candidates! 5,317,448 The old white guy who barely campaigned, had less enthusiasm among Democrats than Hillary did better by a factor of 2 than Hillary?

The sniff test says… rank.


Comment by Dscott

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