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Do You Feel Properly Guilty? by The Elephant's Child

What is it about Liberals? Why do they want us all to feel guilty? We are not supposed to be thankful on Thanksgiving, because we should feel guilty about the Native Americans. We should feel guilty if we call them Indians rather than “Native Americans”.

Some, “Antifa” or something else, have been out rioting and tearing down statues again this weekend, The statues are torn down because we should feel guilty about putting up a statue to someone currently considered unworthy. like George Washington because he once owned a few slaves. Though historically he did not like slavery and had no wish to create a plantation out of Mount Vernon. But that was 244 years ago, and statues of George Washington must be destroyed today to assuage our guilt? Makes no sense whatsoever.

George Washington, father of our country, had a few things more going for him than just the possibility that he owned a very few slaves. Many plantation owners did own slaves at the time, Society, worldwide had not yet decided that owning slaves was wrong. The young people out to riot and break windows and loot and break things seem far more interested in doing that and getting away with it because they were part of a big bunch of people all having fun doing it. Had they been promptly arrested and stuck in cells until someone bailed them out, the whole rationale for rioting might be somewhat different.

Those who choose to feel guilty about celebrating Thanksgiving because we displaced the Indians, might remember that the Native Americans did a lot of massacres as well, of the intruding Englishmen. The history of civilization is full of people being displaced by other warlike tribes, and civilizations have arisen and vanished all over the earth. Supposedly that is why we study history to understand how the world has changed in the past and will undoubtedly change more in the future. But we really don’t need to feel guilty about a past that we had nothing to do with.

If you recall, when Joe Biden decided to run for the office of the presidency, he said that he wanted a black woman as his vice president, and so chose Kamala Harris. So he wanted the credit for choosing a black woman who might become the first black and the first woman to become president rather than choosing someone for their outstanding qualifications and skills.

If you appear in public without wearing a mask, you are supposed to feel guilty. Governors have ordered people to refrain from having Thanksgiving dinners because of Covid. Wags have tacked lifesize representations of those governors to windows where people might be having a Thanksgiving dinner against governors orders. Those governors who issued orders and then had their own celebration were quickly discovered and mocked in the press, and theoretically made to feel properly guilty. Anyone departing from the conventional wisdom of the moment must be guilty, and exposed.

It was hard to choose an image, because there are so many. All the members of the House abjectly kneeling on the floor of Congress. AOC weeping as she clings to a chain-link fence staring out at what turned out to be an empty parking lot that supposedly represented imprisoned illegals at the border, Elizabeth Warren emphasizing her “Indian heritage”, once even with a Native American. All the previous presidents conferring happily with Vladimir Putin, but only Trump being accused of some kind of wrongdoing across a table from him.

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Thankfully, I had a course in 1975 while in high school about mass media. Part of our course was about the danger of information coming from corporations who might coordinate and influence the public for their own agenda.
I don’t feel guilty about voting for my president, since I am in 95% agreement with the administration’s policies.
I had to throw my immigrant son- in- law out of my house on Thanksgiving for saying I was a member of a cult and Trump was a moron. I spent $100,000 for my daughter’s education, only to have her trust the media and her immigrant husband more than her father.
The media are extremely powerful and mostly entirely corrupt, including Foxx news. I have to get my news from Tiffany Meyer at NTD and a few australian outlets. The US media is full of Baghdad Bobs.
I do feel guilty. I worked hard and long hours while I sent my daughter off to college and allowed her to be brainwashed by the liberal academics and media who wish to undermine this great experiment in democracy.
I am overcome with guilt, but I know I did my best with good intentions.
I share this because I am thankful for all the great people who might read this. I take comfort in knowing you are there.


Comment by markesommer

Sorry you had a split with you daughter. Somewhere I read something to the effect that “daughters were a father’s payback for having kids.”
But the real problem is the takeover the teacher’s union and the administrators.Few government schools have decent programs covering the fundamentals of history, literature, reading, math from counting up to pre-algebra with required passing grades for graduation.

Why are liberals bossy? Liberals have ideas but little founding in knowledge. Philosophers came up with weird political ideas from Marx on that simply don’t fit with human nature. The ancient greeks and even the romans were much more perceptive.

Best of luck going forward.

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Comment by Philo

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