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New, Much Needed Legislation! by The Elephant's Child
December 6, 2020, 6:58 pm
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Texas Republican Representative Brian Babin has proposed new legislation. He calls it the “You Must Be Alive To Vote Act.” That’s both hugely amusing, and badly needed. Unbelievable that it is actually needed, but we have ample evidence across the country of dead people voting. The prize this year was someone who had been born in 1823. I gather it is tempting to vote for a recently deceased relative when you are passionate about your politics. Americans are willing to lose an election, if they believe it to be fair. But they want their elections to be honest. That’s why we revere our Constitutional government.

Chris Wallace, Fox News, is still out there insisting that there was no electoral fraud whatsoever. but I don’t know that anyone actually believes that. Democrats and the Democrat press have been accusing President Trump of every crime in the book, called him a Nazi, claimed that he, personally, was responsible for every Covid death, aside from cooperating with the Soviets, and we are supposed to believe that all that animus did not carry over into the actual election? Who is that gullible? Too many observers first-hand observations.

The Electoral College meets on December 14th. Until that time, there is no “president-elect.” Unfortunately, the bad feelings from a disputed election will carry over, and affect the next four years. But that is where much of the animus over the last four years came from when Democrats simply could not believe that Hillary lost. They thought she was immensely popular.

Well let’s hear it for the “You Must Be Alive to Vote” Act. Urge your congresspeople to vote for it.

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