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There’s a Limit to How Much the American People Can Be Pushed Around. by The Elephant's Child
December 8, 2020, 8:35 pm
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Here’s Mark Levin commenting on the election in Pennsylvania, his native state. Lots of news today about which elections are contested and why, and what has been denied by the courts. Officialdom in most states denies that anything improper could possibly have taken place in their state. Which is, I think, unfortunate. It would be better for all if the most egregious cases were taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. Large numbers of the American people believe fervently that Democrats attempted to steal the election, that fraud was rampant, and this will hang over a presumed Biden administration, for the next four years, casting a pall on everything they attempt.

There are serious objections to many of Biden’s announced prospective cabinet positions, and Congress has been asked to reject them. After four years of Trump bashing by the media, it’s hardly surprising. With the increased numbers of Covid cases, the warp-speed availability of covid vaccine should be welcomed with open arms, but Democrats are trying to question the efficacy of the vaccine simply because it was developed under President Trump’s auspices. This is absurd. There are formal processes for testing the efficacy of new drugs to be sure they are safe, and making people afraid of the vaccine will do great damage.

We have some remarkably bad mayors and governors who are unprepared to deal seriously with this pandemic. Our Washington state governor was just reelected in spite of being declared the worst governor in the country for fiscal management of his state by the Cato Institute. The Seattle Mayor has announced that she will not run for reelection next time. Seattle is an out-of-control mess, trying to defund the police as a form of paean to people of color.

Chuck Schumer has announced that “We are a nation of immigrants” to help to open the borders to more illegal immigrants, for illegal immigrants can be persuaded to vote Democrat and placed in the proper states can affect the census numbers for congressional representation.This is nonsense. We are a nation of citizens who welcome new immigrants who apply properly and come legally, and go through the ritual of becoming citizens.

Americans are getting very angry. Governors and Mayors are exceeding common sense in their effort to keep people locked down so that they cannot be blamed. Online education is not working for the kids. Not being allowed to see your relatives on major holidays, and being restricted in where you can go in most cases makes no sense. Joe Biden is demanding that people wear masks for 100 days. Is there any evidence that this will end the pandemic?

There’s even some talk online about civil war, which should be unthinkable. But it is a measure of just how angry the American people are. It should not be brushed off lightly.

December 7, 1941 “A Day That Will Live in Infamy”  by The Elephant's Child
December 8, 2020, 1:25 am
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Can’t let the day go by without recalling the terrible day when the Battleship Arizona, peacefully anchored in Pearl Harbor, suffered a surprise attack by Japanese bombers. My daughter-in-law’s father was an Arizona survivor, so we always remember. Terrible day. But it is wise to recall that there are such attacks, that life is uncertain, and there are no guarantees that bad things will not happen. It does not mean that we have to live in fear, only that we struggle to do the best we can in an uncertain world. Eighty years ago, and those who do remember were little kids at the time.

And now we have a Space Force. Many think it’s premature, but they have discovered what seem to be habitable planets out there. The fear of the Earth ending from global warming is nonsense. The Earth is not warming much, and it has been much warmer in the past. CO2 is not a pollutant, but a natural fertilizer for plants, and is making the Earth bloom and bountiful food crops are helping to feed the hungry. And the “Green New Deal” is a very bad idea that w.ill accomplish nothing at all. Wind and Solar cannot produce the energy needed by a modern economy.

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